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question:Diabetes Question?

which medicine is injected along with insulin and which one is the best medicine for diabetes

thx in advance

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    Nothing is injected along with insulin. The diabetic will simply draw up the proper dose from the vial of insulin. Sometimes a diabetic needs to take two kinds of insulin, one which is quick acting and one which acts over a longer period of time, but these days there are some kinds of insulin which are premixed. Where did you get the idea that there's another kind of medicine that's injected along with insulin?

    Your doctor will have to run tests on you to see what medicine is best for you, and sometimes only trial and error will show what works on an individual patient. For example, there is one oral antidiabetic medicine that works very well for many people, however, I can't take it because it causes disastrous side effects in me.

    Insulin does not come in pills, by the way. Taking insulin by mouth will mean that the insulin is destroyed by the digestive process. There are pills that some diabetics can take, but mostly these pills will stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin.

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    insulin is the only "medicine" used to treat diabetes.

    so nothing else would be injected for diabetes other than that.

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    byetta is an injectable medication used by some diabetics.

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