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廖白白 asked in 教育與參考考試 · 1 decade ago

英文作文 超級急 20點


標題是 "如何學好英文"

聽、說、讀、寫 都要寫到噢







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    How to Learn English well?

    As a member of the Global Village,being able to communicate in English is an important ability.If we can learn it well,we will have no problems expressing ourselves to people all over the world.

    When it comes to ways to learning English well,there are opinions as follows.To begin with,listening to English programs on videos helps a lot in liatening.What's more,practicng English dialogues with friends is good for speaking.Regularlly reading English magazines is helpfu; for reading.Finally,forming the habit of keeping diary in English is a good idea for writing.By following the above, one can actually learn English well.

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    Regularlly reading English magazines is helpfu; for reading.


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    How to learn English?

    First you have to learn the basics: read, write, listen and speak.

    To be successful in reading is to read plenty of English books.

    If you read a lot of English books, they can help you to learn the grammar faster and easier. To be successful in writing you can try to write some writings like descriptive writing, persuasive writing etc. You can also try to write some stories, too. To be successful in listening, you have to communicate more and listen to some English songs or radios, the best thing is watching English videos.. To be successful in speaking the best way is to communicate with people in English.


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