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** 急,幫我翻譯成 英文自傳 !!





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    I am Jessica, a small village born in county of peach garden in the 78th year of the Republic of China.

    I rank old at home, on there is eldest brother,elder brother already it last military service of finishing,work outside, although as the child in the family, no silk is spoilt. Parents have educated me in way that democracy communicate since the childhood, let me grow up under showing loving care for , safe and comfortable environment , train my independence and the initiative , positive , responsible life attitude.

    The high school studies in and hits the housekeeping department in Shang of Li's family state-runly , the competitiveness among classmates is higher than much more than junior middle school, and because the interest is not accorded with, make my high study state for the moment fall into low tide for a time . Under family and encouragement of teacher, Senior Two transfer Yongping industry and commerce to , is it study Cheng find oneself to visit interest that meal travel gradually to visit, adjust one's own study way, cooperated with the interest and redoubled efforts, went out of low tide at last, make one's own achievement maintain certain level. The experience of transfering to another school widens my vision , make me have stable political situation meal at home travel two respects have more dabbling, the eyes that be more macroscopical go to examine a lot of things closely.

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