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What does ”out race” mean?

"Engulf" means

a. surround.

b. beach.

c. kill.

d. out race.

This is a comprehension question from six way paragraphs, but I just can't figure out and find out the meaning of "out race." Can anybody help? Thank you.

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    Out race means to go faster than, or to outdo;

    means overwhelm, to cover or bury beneath a mass of something.

    Engulf means to swallow up in or as if in a gulf; submerge;

    to overwhelm or envelop completely.

    E.g.: The stormy sea engulfed the ship.

    Grief engulfed him.

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    The answer should be "a. surround".

    Out race normally means to go faster than, or to outdo.

    Source(s): live in Canada
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