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India.Arie 印蒂雅艾瑞 - Promises





India.Arie 印蒂雅艾瑞 - Promises





India.Arie 印蒂雅艾瑞 - Promises


我貼 英文歌詞 網址..

麻煩 高手翻譯...


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    When I think about the turn my life has taken

    當我想到 我的人生是如何地轉變

    I know it's because of you, that I receive so many blessings

    我知道全都是因為你 我得到了這麼多的祝福

    I had a home but no privacy, I didn't know a thing about my legacy

    我有一個沒有隱私的家 我對一切一無所知

    When I realized you were there for me, I called on your name and you came 當我了解你就在那裏 我呼喚你 而你出現了

    And you did, just what you said, for that I'll love you forever

    你說到做到 因為這樣 我將永遠愛著你

    You kept, your word to me, for that I'll love you forever

    你說話算話 因為這樣我將永遠愛著你


    A promise, is a promise in my eyes

    我堅信 一諾千金

    Can't say you're gonna just to compromise

    你不可以說 你要認輸妥協

    The very thing that keeps two hearts intertwined


    A promise is a promise you can't deny, there's no way

    答應的事一定要做到 你不能否認 你也不能逃過 *

    I think of when there was a young boy, not even two years old

    我想到 那時有個小男孩 還不到2歲

    Blessed with a mother who loved him so, she abandoned her dreams to nourish his own

    有個好愛他的媽媽 她為了幫助他完成自己的夢想 而放棄了自己的

    It wasn't easy for the two of them, but she knew she had to give him a chance

    對他們倆來說 這不是件容易的事 但她知道她必須要讓他試試

    At a better life, it was only right, so she worked and she prayed

    希望過更好的生活 這樣才對 所以她辛勤工作 她不斷祈禱

    And she did, just what she said, for that he'll love her forever

    她做了一切 就像她說的 因為這樣 他會永遠愛她

    She kept her word to him, for that he'll love her forever

    她說到做到 因為這樣 他將永遠愛她

    重覆 *

    A man's only as good as his word


    [Instrumental Break]

    Check this out


    Her wedding day and she's thinking about the way he won her affection

    在步入禮堂那天 她想起他是如何贏得她的芳心

    She was so cynical about love because she didn't want to be heart broken again

    她原本已對愛絕望 因為她不想再心碎了

    He looked her in her eye with sincerity, said he only wanted to protect her so

    他如此真誠地望著她的雙眸 說他只想好好保護她

    she 所以她

    Took a chance on him and she's glad she did because he came for real

    冒了險接受了他 她很慶幸她做了這樣的選擇


    And he did, just whatshe said, for that she'll love her forever

    他做了一切 就像他說的 因為這樣 她會永遠愛他

    He kept his word to her, for that she'll love him forever

    他說到做到 因為這樣 她將永遠愛他

    重覆 *

    No way, no, there ain't no way

    沒有別的方法了 真的沒有別的方法了

    A man's only as good as his word


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