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in this art work, the photos I used show some of my favorite pop stars, and I used newspapers to show the world I am living in. Mostly I used warm colour because it is closer to my personality. I drew lots of musical notes because I always enjoy listening to music. At the middle of the art work, I drew a rose growing from a glass bottle which means I wish l can learned to take difficulty in my stride like the rose, even it’s is a tough condition, I wish I can still not to evade it.



還有這個作品是有關我的一生的 我不知道應該要取什麼名字(要幫這張圖取一個英文的名字!!!)

明天就要交了 所以越快越好喔!!!


To Yui:


first u kno dat dat i dont mean dat i cut pic from newspaper i mean by i used newspaper(like a cut thing from it)and some photo from internet...

Update 2:

&the rest is fine btw i dont rily kno how do we describ like a rose brake through the glass bottle and keep on growing nd i think my teacher will like la poetic kind...thx a lot

Update 3:

omg i forgot dat...i rilly wish u can help me think of a rilly poetic name 4 my artwork cuz i hve absolutely no idea!!!the artwork is about my life event!!!

Update 4:

To Poyuan:


i kno about dat grammer mistakes u said thx a lot but u kno dat i need the sucking poetry feelings and i thought about using "which means" but i think is not dat poetic ... anyway...thx

Update 5:

& cannot use my art work 4 la name cuz everone kno is my art work...the point of it is making a name

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    In this artwork, I have used photos of my favourite pop starts plus pieces cut from newspapers to show the world I am living in. I have used mostly warm colours because they indicate my own personalities. I have drawn lots of musical notes since I enjoy listening to music very much. In the centre of my artwork, there is a rose growing outwards from a glass bottle which symblises how I am aiming to learn to face any challenges in my life and improve myself. Just like the continuous growth of the rose in a tough condition; like how I do not want to evade any issues and problems I might encounter in the future.









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    Well~ur English is fine wen u talk wif me but I wonder how cum u dnt write proper writing lol~

    Ok, for the rose breaking through I guess u can jst explain it in this simple way so that ur teacher wud b able 2 understand more easily, or mayb u can use da word "breach" instead of "break through"?

    2009-05-26 19:20:37 補充:

    A poetic name, ahuh!

    [No Rose Without a Thorn]<<<沒有無刺的玫瑰; prbly can c some indication abt wt u actually mean in ur artwork@@

    [Breaching!]<<<<衝破!! Like waves breaching sea walls; 4 life, u overcome challenges, makes sense or not?!

    Mite b useful 2 u I dnt noe~

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    Take this!

    1. A xxx rose, a xxx me

    A breaching rose, a real me

    A breaching rose, a growing me

    2. I, xxx a xxx rose

    I, and a breaching rose

    I, like a breaching rose

    3. I, xxx, rose

    I, breaching, rose

    I, challenging, rose

    4. Rose, xxx, me

    Rose, breaching, me

    Rose, challenging, me

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    ~the photos which I used to show were some of my... ...

    ~and I used the newspapers to show to the world I am living in...

    ~Mostly, I had used warm colors(colours) because it were closer...

    ~I drew a lot of the musical notes because I always...

    ~which means I wished I could learn to take difficulties in my...

    ~in my stride, like the rose, although it was a tough condition...

    ~I wished I won't evade it.

    注意你的文法喔 有些錯誤 這篇可以叫 "My Art Work"

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    致於取名, 既然是描繪你的人生, 那我覺得取名為 "MY LIFE" 如何呢!

    Source(s): ME.
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