HCG level of 6, 3 days after implantation?

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I believe I had implantation bleeding (spotting) . I took a blood test only 3 days after the spotting and my HCG levels were at 6 . do you think I may be pregnant? I hope so!
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  • CCMSM answered 5 years ago
I hate to be the only downer in this bunch, but 6 does not necessarily mean pregnant. Anything below 5 is not pregnant and anything 25 and above is pregnant-it seems really strange, I know. There certainly still is a good chance, but I wouldn't want to say congrats quite yet and get your hopes up. I know how bad that sucks. I went through TTC for 2 1/2 years and got more blood tests than I could possibly imagine, plus I work at the hospital so we base a lot of our testing on the HCG levels of women. Everyone is so different-my level was at 26 at 12 DPO. Best of luck to you and I hope that number keeps rising!


26 weeks pregnant after 2 1/2 years of trying with fertility treatments and I work at a hospital dealing with bloodwork levels
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  • Tasty Strawberries hmm:) answered 5 years ago
    theres a very good chance
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  • PhoenixStrike answered 5 years ago
    It is still very early, but hCG level of 6 is positive for pregnancy. Anything above 5 is regarded as positive. From now the hCG levels shgould double every 48 hours or so. so a level of around 24 should be present about 4 days after the first blood test levels.
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  • ஐMrs.Wஐ answered 5 years ago
    congrats. My husband and I are on clomid right now we start testing ovulation Wednesday. I didn't know you could get a precise number of your HCG levels. How did you do that?? Congratulations though!
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  • SarahM answered 5 years ago
    Yes! Anything above 5 is considered pregnant. Yea! :)

    Mrs. W. -
    If you get a quantitative blood test, they can give you the exact numbers. In very early pregnancy it's the best test to use. Anything 5+ is considered pregnant. But with the other blood test (qualitative) you must be somewhere between 7-10 (depending on the brand used) in order to get a positive result. Good luck to you!!! :)
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  • Very much Positive indeed! numbers will be rising soon! congrats
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