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New shoes that stink?

Not feet. The shoes do not smell like stinky feet. They are new shoes. (two weeks old) My son said they had a funky smell when a day or two after we bought them but the smell now is horrendous! The best way I can describe this is like spoiled meat. Any ideas why this happened or how to get the stink out? I have them in the washer now with some bleach, this will be their second go round in the washer. I am stumped. They are Etnies skateboard shoes.

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    There are certain leathers that make shoes have funny smells. Remember leather is derived from snake skins, aligator skins, cow skins and even pig skins, etc.

    If it is not leather, leatherette still caries an odor. I do not know if the shoes were sneakers, because you mentioned washing them.

    Please as well dry feet only must go into shoes. Most people do not know after a shower to wipe their toes and between them dry. A medicated powder could apply after the feet is well dried.

    Did you know rubbing alcohol can rub your feet after a shower. But the alcohol has to dry on the feet and again the feet must be absolutely dry.

    Wet shoes during rain or melted snow is also a problem and you can develop a fungus on the feet or athletes foot (foot disease).

    If you suspect your toes are making your feet smell even though you dry them. Get a basin of wather and drop a few drops of bleach in the water and let your feet soaked. Do this every other day and you will be fine.

    Germs or bacteria usually carries a odor, and if it is not the leather or leatherette discard it. Wish you well!

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    some one with really nasty feet tried them on before you bought them. I would have used fabreeze before the washer, but sounds like you already have it handled. oh yeah, and rice is a good absorber of stuff. I would use dry rice. if it ever happens again, fill the shoes with dry rice, let is sit for a night or two, then throw the rice out.

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    You should put him in sandals.

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