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ladies poll #2: do you ever feel like...?

you are possessed when you are on your period?

like i get SO btchy and short tempered... i dont even know where it comes from. the weird thing is i know im doing it, i hate it, and yet i cant stop it.

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    Not a lady but I get you, when my girl friends get their period I grab a crucifix and a bible.

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    I'm generally nice when I'm on my period. It's the few days before my period. I will be such a brat for no reason. I as well hate it & can't stop! I will snap at my family constantly & then I feel guilty. Yet it seems like everything they say is just so irritating I cannot keep my mouth shut.

    I'm nice otherwise though.. that's all that matters. =]

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    That's what many say, but I honestly don't have a problem. I usually feel perfectly fine.

    Sure, periods are annoying. But I'm still the same 'ol Ashley! :P

    It might be because I'm 18 and it's not super heavy like some adults...

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    OMG!!! You bet I do!!! I can't control my temper those days of the month! The smallest things seem to make me EXTREMELY mad!!

    I feel sad for the people who have to put up with me those days!!

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    not really, even if it hurts like he** (which it usually doesnt) i'm not really btchy, i usuau;;y tune the pain out

  • i do...

    i cried once because they put bacon in my salad, knowing i don't eat meat....

    i just like, broke down.

    but there was probably more too it. i was thinking existentially a lot that day as well...

    but no reason to break down and make a scene i suppose.

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    Me too

    im always snappy around my friends and i get mad at them for no reason...and i like roll my eyes to everything my parents say its weird and i hate it. i feel all bitchy and i wanna stop but i cant

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    I don't get too peeved, but I know that it seems strange thinks make me angry for no reason. This kid in the hallway had to kick his locker shut and I about tackled him. haha.

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