I dropped my camera with the lens extended.?

Now my camera doesn't work. It says Lens error. I have a Casio Exilim Ex-Z150. I dropped my camera with the lens extended, so yeah, I don't know how to fix it. And, I need to, my dad is not getting me a new caera, this is my 3rd one. =[ So helpp

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unfortunately it's an expensive lesson. Most cameras fall from their owner's hand because wrist strap was not used.

    I am not implying that you did not use it (nor did I say that you were clumsy). But accidents do happen and for myself, mycamera is not used unless the strap is around my neck and the hand strap (on the hand grip) is in place.

    It might cost more to fix this than to buy a new camera.

  • coomer
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    3 years ago

    Your digicam is toast it somewhat is glaring Fall harm is a harm it somewhat is excluded into quite a lot each garantuee you may desire to purchase. so which you won't be in a position of declare garantuee on it anymore. and that's fairly you basically lost funds there. next time be extra careful :! No with aspects that small and tiny electronics i do no longer think of you could restoration it your self. See if it became right into a huge old SLR with allot of mechanics issues must be extra somewhat fastened. however the small electronics and controls of compact cameras that ..isn't common to restoration. despite the fact that in case you could restoration it because of the fact it as quickly as became into broken issues may be out of alignment in the Lens Housing. that may propose that despite the fact that in case you may get to function back you may in no way get an honest concentration. I concern that isn't any longer fairly worth it.

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