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Anyone else like Tori Spelling?

I love her and her show!

Why is everybody so hard on her? I think Tori and Dean are the cutest couple and very much in love. So what if they were both married to other people, so was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. No one is still ragging on Angelina for that.

I also think Tori is very pretty. Sure, she doesn't look like everyone else, but that's what makes her beautiful. And she definitely doesn't look like a man. She's got womanly curves and two of the cutest children ever!

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts.

Thanks! =]

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    Well people don't really like Tori because her dad produced 90210 and that's why she got the part. I've never watched her show and I had no idea they were both married to other people (some people still rag on angelina). Tori is has a unique face, I think it's mean that everyone calls her ugly. (She does look a little bit like a man though sorry.) Her show so notorious was good though so I think she's a pretty good actress.

    Idk... shes alright.

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    She seems alright..

    I think she should build a relationship with her mother again.

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    I think considering that she grew up in the spotlight ,she's done good !

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    1 decade ago

    didnt she produce or right 7th heaven?i dont know wat i'd do with out her then

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