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The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to my city this Friday. What do you suggest I do?

Unfortunately, Friday is the night of my Prom, so I can't just go off and have a multi-hour argument with the cult. I'd certainly LOVE to, but I can't very well abandon my friends and the likes. Hopefully the limo will drive past the protests so I can shout a nice, "F*ck you!" out the window. If not, they'll be doing one protest nearby the next morning. I'll try to hit that up if I can.

Luckily, even if I can't make it, they're stupid enough to be protesting on the Brown campus. Perhaps they don't realize that they're going to be humiliating themselves in front of some of the most intelligent uber-liberals and gays in the nation/world. That should be fun!


God is in a good mood !: "What do you suggest I do?" is a question...

Update 2:

listless: I don't hate Christianity. One of my best friends is a super-practicing Episcopalian. And the intelligence, liberalism and large gay population I was mentioning has nothing to do with anything but the fact that the Westboro Baptist Church will be especially detested in this region.

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    mace is useful.

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    If they keep their distance away from the area then there is nothing you can do but if they enter the area without permission you can file a lawsuit. The third amendment of the constitution ensures the right to privacy. The government or any loud interest group doesn't have the right to break into an area without consent.

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    Nah, shouting at them isn't really the way to go.

    Just counter protest. With signs that say "GOD HATES FRED" and "PHELPS KLAN MEMBERS BURN IN HELL", along with biblical verses like "love thy neighbour" and stuff.


    The problem with the WBC members is that you can't actually talk to them, because when confonted, they never actually support their position or use any rational arguments. I've seen Phelps being interviewed....I have never ONCE seen him answer a direct question. He'll usually say something along the lines of "That question is so DUMB, I can't even start to answer it"


    Oh, if anyone wants to see a funny clip with these guys in it, check this out:

    Its from an Aussie show called the Chaser's War on Everything.

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    If the world would ignore idiots, let them stew in their juices, turn their heads, walk away, etc.... they would soon get bored at not making the news..... as long as people let them get to them, they have *in their own perverted minds* , done their job.... they are NEWS HOUNDS.... they LOVE the spot light, and as long as it shines on them they will only get louder and stronger..... I would just get a bunch of friends together, walk past the WBC people with big ole smiles, laughing and chatting, and walk as if they are like bugs under the scope..... rofl.... being ignored is THE one thing they can not stand..... all the rest feeds the fire....... go in peace....... God bless

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    the applicable factor to do with a majority of those cults is to disclose them for what they're. in simple terms get some good video and audio of their stupid rantings and positioned it online. The smart viewer will form an opinion of all of them on their very own. you do no longer might desire to counter-protest. there's a 0% probability of that doing any good, exceedingly with this team. in simple terms watch and snicker.

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    Brown campus?! LOL

    That'll be great!

    Once they went to Oberlin and gays went to the protest and began to make out. Hell yeah!

    I do not, under any circumstances, watch Fox News but check this out:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Have a nice prom! :-)

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    How about putting up a sign where they are going to be meeting before anyone gets there? Something nice and juicy like: " Stop violating the rights of gays, women, and atheists"

    They should like that.

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    1 decade ago

    Give em a good mooning, with the works...

    Yeah, they thrive on attention, but it's a lot of fun to tease them...

    You can also play some loud speed metal from your limo...

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    Don't DO ANYTHING.

    If you do, the only thing they'll do is thrive on the attention and pain and it'll only perpetuate their protests because they see being attacked as a sign that they're succeeding.

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    The one thing they absolutely can't stand is being ignored. If everyone could walk past them as if they aren't even there, they'll be gone in an hour or two. That's what we did when they came to my area.

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    giving up your anti Christian Bigotry would be a good start. Westboro Church is a church in name only. Say, you could not find another group more representative of Christianity ? How hate blinds...

    What being gay has to do with intelligence, or liberalism, for that matter ?

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