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What is the meaning of 'You had me at hello'?

I think I've got some sort of idea, just want to know the proper meaning, and where it came from?

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    It's from the movie Jerry Maguire. Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) marries Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger) after she is the only person who supports him when he is fired. She is in love with him, but he is distant and caught up in his moral awakening and staying afloat in his unstable business endeavor (for which he was fired).

    His business works out and he goes back to Dorothy to profess his love for her. He bursts into their living room with an unsure hello as he surprisingly greets a room full of her friends and begins to explain that his business success was hollow without her and she completes him (heard that one too? "You complete me"). She (Renee Zellweger) interrupts him to say "you had me at hello."

    The line means that he didn't have to say all of those things for her to know that he loves her. She loves him and he loves her and their love doesn't need a speech or profession of love. Hello was the first thing he said in the door and that was all she needed to hear. They just need to be together.

    Whew - I'm not particularly articulate. It's a sweet thing to say that become a bit of an infamous movie line. "Show me the money!" is from Jerry Maguire, too.

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    It's from the movie Jerry McGuire

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    Like the first poster says, it comes from the movie Jerry Maguire. It simply means you're infatuated with someone at first sight.

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    You Had Me At Hello

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    It comes from the film "Jerry Maguire".

    It means that I needed no persuading: from the minute you walked in and said "Hello" I was on your side, so you did not need to say anything else.

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    I like the converse, "You had me at a low," meaning that you were with me at a low point in my life.

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    It means you've watched a really lame movie.

    • totobaylon5 years agoReport

      Yeah.. a really lame movie at 7.3 out of ten at IMDB.

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    ily stands for I love You.

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