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I am writing a novel. How many pages/ words should each chapter be?

I am writing a YA fiction novel. I was just wondering how many pages/ words should each chapter be? Thanks.

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    It can be any number, there's no rule. But 15 pages, 5k, words would be good.

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    There are no rules. Don't try and push or restrain your writing so that it makes the perfect chapter. Just, don't. There is no perfect chapter length, of how many words *should* be written. That being said, The Da Vinci Code had really random chapter lengths. Some were ten pages, some were half a page. It really doesn't matter. Just do what you think is best for you, and try to end each chapter with a cliff-hanger or a hook. However, excessively long chapters should be avoided if possible, or perhaps broke into two chapters. Good luck and happy writing :)

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    It depends on certain people's preferences what they think is a good amount of pages for a book.

    My personal preferred range is about 8-14 pages. If the chapters are really long, it makes it almost a drag to read because I just want to get the chapter over with. Then when that happens, I'm no longer really paying attention to what's happening because I'm focusing on the chapter being over.

    Take for example these two popular book series: Twilight and Maximum ride. Totally different in terms of number of pages per chapter. (I picked these two because most people have read them, so you'll probably know what I'm talking about with them)

    Maximum Ride's chapters are about five pages, AT THE MOST. Usually shorter. There's a little saying on the inside cover of the first book that I remember said something like "These pages are just going to fly by, be ready for launch." Not word for word, but it was along those lines. And that is so true. The shorter chapters just made it easier to read. I think it was because I had so many opportunities to take a break, but the fact that they were such short cliffhangers kept me reading. And I knew it wouldn't take me long to see what happens next since the next chapter would be only about three pages. Does that make sense?

    And then in Twilight, Stephenie made her chapters 20-30 + pages. To me, it's hard to read that much nonstop. I really just want to get the chapter over with, so like I said, I start to drift away from focusing on the book. It might be different completely for other people but these are for my own personal experiences.

    So to me, 8-14 pages seems pretty reasonable. Not too long, but not too short. Hope I helped! :)

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    I write novels too [=

    It depends on how many chapters you want. I usually have about twenty-five or fifteen chapters, and each chapter is seven to ten pages long. But don't focus on the lenght of the book, just make sure that what you want to happen in that chapter is clear, and you'll be fine.

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    How to Write a Novel in 8 Simple Steps

  • There are no rules. Ten pages, though, is a good length for a chapter.

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    usually chapters are less than 25 pages. but really, it should just be how you want to divide your story.

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