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has anybody got any recipes that i can cook for my dog she is 8 years old and for the last 5 years she has suffered from itching on her tummy and tail, she had her anal glands removed as the vet thought that may have solved the problem, 3 years later she has still got the problem, half her tail went bald and her bottom and sores on tummy, i have been back and forward to the vet and she has had so many antibiotics and steroids that i wont let her have anymore, the vet has now given me a spray of steroid thats new and that seems to help. 3 weeks ago i started cooking my own food for her and have noticed she has been sleeping all night which was rare and her tummy is turning whiter and i can see a slight bit of hair growing back on her tail.I cook lamb mince with carrot potato and a few peas with chicken gravey, chicken and rice but am not sure what else i can give her, i know that a lot of dogs are allergic to beef so i wont use that, but what i want to know is can i give fish and what sort also what vegtables other that what i am giving. I am so happy with the results i have had in 3 weeks of her being on cooked food from me, but i want to see her completely free of her nasty allergy. I would never go back to tin dog food again.

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    Hi did your vet not do an allergy test on your dog

    my vet done this for my cat and it cane back that hes allergic to beef ,dandelions, house mites ,fir trees ,roses and daisys ask your vet to do this for her

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    There is a vitamin supplement that works great for the skin and allergies that dogs suffer and you may get it at Petco only and can read about it on this site..It worked for my mothers Golden..The food is what I feed my dogs and it's all natural and to help with the anal gland problem the vet has me put a 1/4 teas of Benefiber on the food daily all the time every day

    Source(s): Dream Coat 16 oz Provides a blend of pure oils that supply all the essential fatty acids needed to support a full, shiny coat, smooth skin and a great immune system. Price: $19.99 WWW.HALOPETS.COM
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    I really hate to say this but if your parents won't pay for more expensive food, the poor dog is going to suffer all it's life. Good quality = good money The dog may well be allergic to corn or wheat or any of the CRAP they stick in cheap foods... So.... to start... Nutro's Natural Balance (one of the less expensicve ones I will name here)..STILL WAY WAY more than what your parents are paying now Prairie Nature's Varietyu ( a "raw" diet 95% meat, 5% veg) Royal Canin Wellness Canidae Oven Baked Tradition and the list goes on and on and on...BUT if they won't pay for it, maybe they should give up the dog so it has a chance at a decent food and life. Sorry if that sounds cruel but in MY world, the dog comes first...after all...if you had a baby, would you feed it "garbage"???

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    My dog had the same problem. She would cry and chew at her stomach and pace the house. The vet put her on prescription anti allergy food for 30 days (nothing else). She lost a lot of weight on the diet but it worked. Then I gradually started with one food item at a time until I found what she was allergic too. Haven't had any problems since.

    Good luck!

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    I would feed plain chicken and rice, and eventually (after the allergies have calmed down) add in other ingredients one by one so you can see what she likes and what she can digest best. Almost all dogs can digest chicken and rice well, and it is a balanced diet. For extras to add in later I would include: carrot (most dogs love lengths of carrot, although it takes practice to hold them properly for chewing), broccoli, fish (just whatever you're cooking for yourself) and most other veg. I tend to add in whatever veg is being prepared for dinner (for humans) to my dog's dinner, as it's easier and ensures he gets a nice balance (assuming the humans get that). Also, I feed table scraps into the bowl, but only proper food that's been left from picky eaters and not bits no one wants to eat. You could pick out leftover foods that she enjoys ad add them. Keep in mind though that as with humans, dogs with an allergy are more likely to have other allergies so she could be allergic to quite a few things.

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    When we first got our dog, her skin was a bit bitty. We tried raw eggs, which our dog loves. After having raw eggs for breakfast for a few days, her skin and coat improved dramatically. She wasn't sure what to do with a whole egg the first time she saw one, so we broke it a little and as soon as she smelled the egg, she was slurping away.

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    Have you considered raw feeding? Cooking often removes al lot of the nutrients, and you don't see wolves cooking their food in the wild:) You can learn more here:

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    boil skinless, boneless chicken breast fillets (i use mini chicken fillets)

    add white rice, vegetables and boil until cooked then add 1 tbs olive oil and leave cool.

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