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How come my IP Addresses are like this?

How come my IP Addresses are like this?

What's the difference between that above and the usual

I'm trying to setup my wifi network...is it okay to use

Someone help!!

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    Yes, its fine. Both groups are used for private networks. You can use the 10. addresses, or change to 192.168 if you prefer. Either will work fine. Some routers come setup with the 192 addresses and some with the 10.

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    This IP address


    On anyone's computer means that they are behind a router.. and your computer will only show that IP to you, and others in the network; however, this is not your real internet IP.

    To find out what your real IP adress is, simply go to:


    and the #s that you see there will be your IP adress.

    That is your internal IP adress given to you by your Internet service provider (ISP).

    This address may change every two weeks or so depending if you have Dynamic, or Static IP.

    So just make sure you always go on www.ipchicken.com and check if your IP is the same one before assuming that it will always be the same for you.

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    First that change you IP address and it will be like 10.0.0.......

    Secondly technically 10...... belongs with A class and A class default subnet mask is and you have 16,777214 hosts.

    192....... belongs with C class IP and its default subnet mask is and you can have up to 65536 host. They both are belong IPv4.

    Thirdly its ok if you use 10.0.0..... with your WiFi network.

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    Network 10.x.x.x is a private (in other words, local use) class A network space.

    Though actually it seems the network class distinction is no longer as relevant as it used to be, with CIDR and subnetting / combining being pretty much standard these days.

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    They are both private IP addresses. No problem using either depending on your network.

    See link:



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    Using a cleaner, reformatting your hard drive & changing your IP address will not help. You were tracked online looking for child porn & it has been logged. You are busted.

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    It's because of where You are. Try it and see what happens.

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