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I hate running alone! How do I stay safe running on the road by myself?

I love running, but now that my track season is over, I have to begin running alone training for cross country. I live in a safe neighborhood and I carry my cell phone but I will be getting up to 7 or 8 miles and that's a long way. so how can I keep myself safe from creeps on the road?

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    good question, i see way too many runners out there not being safe. here are some ways to keep safe:

    1. NO headphones. It is easy to sneak up behind someone who doesn't know you are there, and with headphones you cannot hear cars.

    2. Carry a key with you. It not only makes it harder to break into your car/house, it can also be used to defend yourself if you become attacked.

    3. Wear reflective clothing. Especially if you run at night or in foggy areas, reflective clothes or reflective tape will make sure drivers see you and get out of the way.

    4. Run against traffic. You want to see the cars coming that are closest to you.

    5. Run with a partner if you can. Two is better than one.

    6. Get to know people on your route. If you know somebody let them know when you're going out for your run. Have them keep an eye out for you.

    7. Run in busy areas during the day. The more people around the better.

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    You should try to run with some others from the team.

    If that is not possible then run in day light and in areas where there are houses and traffic, not in lonely paths in the woods.

    Carry a pepper spray or mace canister, which works on dogs and humans as well.

    If there is traffic you should not have any real problems.

    When I was running on the roads in the 1970s some people would throw cans and other objects at me.

    Now there are many people running everyday, so that should not be a problem.

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    Take this from someone who has walked a similar path, it will get better eventually. I grew up feeling alone as well, I was on the low end of the totem pole with bullies, and I had few friends, and I even tried to run away as well. First thing's first: Running away will NOT solve your problems, it will only make them worse, the bet thing to do is fight it head on. As for friends, there's someone out there for anyone, and everyone. Try talking to people your not familiar with, odds are you can make some good friends, you just need to try. Putting yourself down will only makes things worse, so try to look at your positives. If you try, you will almost certainly make some friends, even if it's not right away. When you finish school, your on your own, so you won't have to deal with your parents, and if you decide to go to college, you will have a great opportunity to live a happy life with Friends & Family. If you need to talk, then I am just a message away. Hope this helps!

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    There is no full proof way to be safe, but if your family has a dog, bring it with you, if you have any friends you can convince to come with, have them do it. If you are truly concerned talk to your parents and see if they will get you a small pepper spray device that fits on a key chain that you could bring with you on your runs.

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    there are some air horns to warn other people that your in danger and keep the dogs away. or maybe a collapsable(sorry for bad spelling) dog waker would hurt a dog or a creeper. good luck during cc

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    personally if your running during the day i dont think you would get bothered that much, but if running later carry a small weapon such *** a truncheon the flick ones so its small in your pocket. i also agree with the small pepper spray device, would slow them down ALOT, had some kid do it to my mate he couldn't see for about 25mins (didn't have no water to swill it out so he had to suffer.)

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    In daylight you're fine surely.

    "creeps on the road", sorry but this made me crack up because I probably fall into this category and I wouldn't harm you...

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