Confusion with angels and demons movie?

I just watched angels and demons at the theater (by the way is a great movie).So....what confuses me about the movie, the priest that sets himself on fire, was he an illuminati or did he stage the whole illuminati story to become pope?

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    It seems that Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (Ewen McGregor) was the Popes number one man. The Pope was also considered to be his father since he "adopted" him and raised him. The Camerlengo was the one who poisoned the Pope. His reasons were revealed in a statement by Cardinal Strauss who said "you saw the Pope's position as a softening of the Church's law, an old man's weakness, your father's weakness. You murdered the Vicor of Christ!".

    The Camerlengo hired the aassassin and resurrected the rumor of the emergence of the Illuminati. It was all a plot to have his demented ways realized and to have the Church track more to his liking.

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