How much current/how many amps went through me?

I was fixing our broken dimmer, first time I switched off mains power, attached the new dimmer, switched the mains back on (at the fuse box) and went to see if it worked, it did.

Tried to screw it back to the wall, the earth wire came loose and suddenly everything started to shake - involuntary screams, hand fused to the metal switch...never been shaken so hard in my life, about 4 seconds later I managed to break free...

It's a 240V dimmer and the fuse box is 30 amps

Am I making a big fuss about nothing? or could I have died?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You could have easily died.

    You did not give enough information for me to know the path of the electric current but had the resistance the current followed through you body been a little lower or through part of your body involving your heart muscle, 100 mA is enough to be lethal.

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