Why do christians spend more time knocking evolution than knocking greedy hypocritical pastors/preachers?

Hardly on youtube is there a video BY CHRISTIANS exposing SPECIFICALLY fake healings, greedy charleton preachers, church atrocities etc etc

They seem to mainly focus SPECIFICALLY on evolution.


christians that are not preachers etc and may feel rather powerless, SPEAK UP would ya's.

Update 2:

@ God is Truth.

MILLIONS upon MILLIONS think the 'fake' religious nuts are speaking truth, and they represent your faith. One would think you would make more effort on the house cleaning than criticizing your neighbors lawn

Update 3:

@ mr.indecisive09

speak of evolution ALL YOU LIKE, I just thought you would have some concern for how your religion is portrayed by your brethren

Update 4:

@ Follows Jesus

You may need to re read the question

Update 5:

@ God is Truth.

Thats nicey nice. So why dont you spend time EXPOSING them? Are not they the ones perverting the truth in your eyes??

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    Really ?? You sure about that ? Ohh we can Multi-task and we do, But as you well may know, the media is Notorious for not allowing that side to come up, we do, believe me we do.

    Many Hypocritical Pastors are 'ousted' without the Media becoming involved.

    Evolution is just one of the Hot Topics right now mainly because of Ida that farce being called the Missing link and all, as well as Aborton and gay Marriage, we do a lot more and multitask a great many things, Ousting False preachers is just one that we do that is not normally in the Lime light as it were.

  • Actually the major denominations -- Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Anglican, etc., have all issued statements endorsing Evolution. Christians don't spend all their time knocking Evolution, only a handful of Creationists do. The majority of Christians in the world aren't American evangelicals, which you seem to be focusing on.

    And there have been Christians who have noted the misdeeds of other Christians.

    Why don't atheists ever apologize for the 100 million people that died under communism, considering communism was created, implemented, and ran by atheists (and still is)? Instead, they will say thing like "Well, the Soviets were really Christians" or something equally ludicrous. That's more than have died in the name of all religions put together (besides wars are really about control of economic resources anyway). You might want to check the status of your own house.

    Source(s): http://usminc.org/awful http://usminc.org/creation.html http://usminc.org/contradictions.html http://usminc.org/hitler.html The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression by editor Stéphane Courtois et al
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    Why does it have to be on youtube to show you that they aren't condoning hypocritical leaders of the church? And just so you know, everyone on God's green earth is a hypocrite in some way. I am Christan and I have a very hard time with judging others. Not out loud or anything of that sense, but in my mind. And after I do I feel bad about it. It's something I struggle with. Everyone struggles with something that others will say is hypocritical. And "Fake healing" you don't really have to expose that on youtube for most of the healing you see on Television are not real anyways. If those people were real they would be off the camera not showing what they can do to heal, only just for money. They would be out doing it quietly not seeking attention and money but doing it for the people. "Healing on T.V" exposes their hypocrisy, no need for anyone else to do it. And just remember, the church leaders, preachers, pastors, all those who lead the church, they will be judged by God harsher than anyone else. That is scripture that is in the bible. Not quite sure where but it is in the new testament and I think either paul or peter wrote about it.

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    Their campaign against evolution is the current tactic chosen by politically organized religious extremists in their war against all science.

    These are people who recall the Dark Ages with fondness and refer to them as "the good old days". These are the same Christians that relentlessly continued to attach the Copernican universe and insist that the earth was flat for more than a 1,000 years after those battles had been decisively lost.

    They are equally wrong about evolution. Interestingly though, for all the energy and resources they continue to throw against evolution, they are hypocrites and cowards who do not practice what they preach.

    Everyone who denies evolution but continues to rely on modern medical science for their health needs is a flaming hypocrite.

    The scientific theory of evolution is the most powerful in all of science. Without it, every life science collapses and all biological knowledge is false. This includes medical science.

    If evolution is false, then so is all medical science and it is no different than the voodoo practiced by Witch Doctors.

    People who reject evolution should live by their principles, avoid evolution-based medical science, and let their God provide for their health care.

    I wonder why they insult their God by going to these modern day practitioners of applied evolutionary theory behind his back. They must know that he sees what they are doing and that he surely will punish them for their blasphemous behavior, blatant rejection of his teachings, and opposition to his will.

    If I were them, I would be a little nervous about double crossing my God and sneaking around behind his back so I could score some magic pills in the land of Atheistic science. I mean, that ticket to heaven has not been confirmed yet.

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    It depends on the "brand" of christianity. Things do evolve. Look at man from hundreds of thousands of years ago. Today, we're not "knuckle draggers". Horses used to be the size of dogs, but not today. Fish in caves have no eyes, but put them in light and after several breeding cycles they will develop or evolve sight. Put these same sighted fish back in the cave and they will again end up w/out eyes. However, when God said He made the animals of the land and the fish of the sea, and He wasn't satisfied, He made man, still not complete, He made woman. But to say man came from some slime in the sea, don't think so, can't find any resource to confirm it. The Bible answers all these questions. It is the charlatan preachers, and the "feel-good" society, the politically correct society that has diverted the direction for many pastors from Bible based preaching, telling it like the Bible says it is, to making everyone "feel good" on Sunday morning. Christ spoke more of hell and how to get there than He did of heaven. Christ warned the churches of charlatans, and false prophets, 2000 years ago. Study the Bible and you will find the answers to your questions. The churches I have been affiliated with have been Bible based churches. Not one sermon in my 64 years do I recall being on evolution other than to briefly mention it in other contexts. My pastors were not charlatans or faith healers. My father in law was a pastor of a 3000 congregation church. One Sunday he was really ticked w/some of the people of the congregation and made the sweeping statement that he would rather see all the call girls in Richmond on the front pew, than to have the back biting false christians seated every Sunday in the sanctuary.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible, Dr. John A. MacLEAN, Dr. Adrian Rogers, Dr. Charles Stanley
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    Because the Genesis account is (for all the twisting of some well-educated Judeo-Chrisitians) inconsistent with science. So you either choose science or the Bible. If you choose the Bible, then you reject science.

    The Bible says that God created man and at the end of that day (after which all creation had been made), he said it was all very good. He could not have said it was all very good if there had been billions of years of suffering and death, animals red in tooth and claw preceding it. Either that or he had a really bizarre concept of good.

    Genesis is myth. It is pre-scientific man trying to make sense out of the unknowable. It's providing answers to very basic questions, where did we come from? Why are we here? Is there a purpose for my life?

    Unfortunately, literalists, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries figured that unless Genesis was literally true, the rest of the Bible laid waste, because if God inspired a single lie, the whole thing is laid waste.

    It demonstrates the ignorance of those who insist upon literal interpretations from mythological material when its greatest value lies elsewhere.

    Jesus told parables. Were they literally true? No. They were stories with morals. So why all the fuss over Genesis? Doesn't make sense, does it?

    Source(s): Learning a long time ago that fear born of ignorance has no place in spirituality.
  • You know what? You're right. Instead of attacking others, we should be focusing on ourselves. Many of us aren't following what Jesus said, which is to take the plank out of our own eye before we try to take the speck out of our brother's eye. We all need to practice that a lot more than we do.

    For the record though, I've never posted a YouTube video and I probably never will. But if I did, what you've stated here is something that's been bothering me too, and I'd probably do a series on it.

    Peace and blessings!

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    I don't spend a lot of time doing either, to tell you the truth (I denounce Christian Supremacists. I don't generally accuse specific pastors by name). I accept the theory of evolution, and I expect to be judged on my own merits or lack thereof, not through hasty generalizations.

    I think it is your responsibility to remember that not all Christians are creationists or apologists for abusive religious leaders, because if you aren't willing to drop that stereotype, nothing I could say would make you drop it.

    Source(s): Liberal Christian
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    Because group unity and cohesion is more important than intellectual integrity or honesty.

    It's classic in-group/out-group behavior. No matter how bad their behavior is or how embarrassing they are, fraudulent preachers and teachers are still part of the in-group, and evolutionary biologists are not.

    Group cohesion in the face of unbelievers trumps all.

    EDIT--And for those that decided to TD down me: yet again, you're not thinking. I'm not criticizing Christianity. I'm describing the way it is. There are in-groups and out-groups. That is fact. The nature of the groups changes over time and with geography, and people can belong to more than one in-group. But the bottom line is that we all have our in-groups. This is a holdover from our days as roving bands of hunter-gatherers. It's not good or bad, it's just the way it is.

    Naturally, protecting the group will come first. It's what we're hard-wired to do.

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    1 decade ago

    Seldom do I watch Youtube. When Christians know and can prove who the hypocritical pastors are they leave the church. In case you have forgotten a few TV evangelists were found out and thrown out. Caused a big stink nationwide.

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