Has anybody seen the footage of the alabama police beating up the unconscious man?

This is the link --


I think the police in this case should be put under the jail. The police are always abusing their authority. These are the people that you expect to help you.. be careful

after all the police brutality cases you think it would stop--- it hasnt stopped because as long as it isnt recorded on video they dont care and it is exceptable

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    What you did not see was the shoot out, the 15 min chase down the interstate, the ramming of 3 police vehicles-which lead to a hyped up arrest, BUT; you are correct in your viewpoint, as I also feel, they did not do their job. The man was thrown from the vehicle, was lying in a ditch unconscious, and then was beaten??

    The Police Chief A.C. Roper, has fired all 5 officers involved in the incident. An internal investigation into the matter, is being conducted by Alabama Bureau of Investigation, about allegations of covering up the incident, with in the chain of command, from the chief.

    Expect more heads to roll in Birmingham PD. Thank God for Chief Ropers correction of justice in this matter as those who think they are above the law(s).

  • Andy G
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    1 decade ago

    I have seen it, and the beating does not bother me as much as the deliberate attempt of the officers to hide evidence of their beating.

    That's what the real issue was, it is understandable for officers to become very emotional to a point where they forget they represent a government. After all, they are human and humans have emotions.

    But to hide the evidence from the district attorney for an entire year is obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and goes against every single value that a police officer is supposed to have.

    That is what gets me more angry than the beating and they deserve to face charges, receive proper representation and go through the justice system like any other criminal they have arrested.

    If I had a client who was charged by any of those officers I would quickly file a motion to dismiss their cases based on these new findings. They just didn't ruin their lives, but criminals who were facing charges may now get those charges dismissed because of this.

    Source(s): Equal Justice Under law
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    Seems like some racist southern pigs abusing the only power they have. Let's face it, that's the reason 90% cops join the force, to have some power over others. I hope they're thrown in prison for a good long time, get the **** beat out of them by some of the same people they help put in prison, and never have the chance to work on the police force ever again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I saw it again on the news this morning and all the cops involved were put on suspension while and investigation is done. The problem with this is, these stupid cops make a bad name for all cops. And not all cops are like this at all.

    It's just like teenagers a few bad ones make a bad name for all of them. And in either case it's not right at all and it's not fair to the good ones out there.

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  • j05h
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    I had seen the footage of a black man that was out of control getting detained with non excessive force from Los Angels. Afterward, a bunch of heathens went rioting. Will they do the same in Alabama? Of course not. (1), you have the Clan, (2) There is nothing in Alabama

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    In the United states, you can use lethal force against Law enforcement officers the same as you would any other citizen. Furthermore, you can also use lethal force against an officer if they are making an unlawful arrest (assuming you know your laws well enough to stake lives on it). Just because we bought them a badge and uniform doesn't mean they can break the law. I'm not propagating violence, just awareness about our rights.

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    yep, I'm actually not surprised though. not one bit. if someone were to break into my house, I'd only call the cops to have them come pick up the stiff. If I'm pulled over, I tend to stop as quickly as possible... few people actually escape the po-po. Radio signals and helicopters generally go faster than my heap of junk car.

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    The video is disgusting, and I agree that the cops should be the ones put in jail.

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    no, and I don't care to watch it .... I SURE do wish that in general more police would beat the ever living **** out of the much needed criminals ... crime rates will go down.

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    That event happened a year a go, no one knew till now.

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