i have a question about organic top soil?

my dad bought some soil, which i am not planning to use yet because i think it may contain some animal by products which i do not intend to use on my garden, i was wondering does anyone know if Organic Top soil means no animal by products like bone meal, blood meal and cow manure? it also says custome blend on the bag, no phone number and a company name of Organix which i can not find anywhere in the internet, any help is appreciated

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  • 1 decade ago
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    try this site http://www.organix.us/

    looks like they do indeed use composted manure which is about the best thing you can use to feed your soil and soil that does not get compost at least once a year will suffer and in turn so will your plants unless you opt to use a synthetic fertilizer which will help your plants but will kill off all the life in the soil.

    i guess your garden area is completely covered and fenced so nasty wild life does not poop or pee in it, otherwise this is going on behind you back ewwww! Oh yeah and things are killed in your garden, again, when you are not looking (insects, small mammals, amphibians, birds, etc..) leaving blood and bone behind

    What i am getting at is to have a well balanced organic garden you need to use poop and other animal byproducts as well-the soil needs this as the soil doesn't know about the strange notion of veganism which is not natural at all. Soil needs animal products to thrive.

    Source(s): I have been making my living sustainably gardening for the past 15 years
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