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將到墨爾本工作一年, 想問那邊生活如何?

如 :

房租 (近 Melbourne central) - 簡單的就ok



internet fee



煩請告之.thank you.


many thanks!

Is cycling popular? i am thinking going work by bike

Update 2:


share a room = home stay?

any furniture provided?

is it possible to cycle from zone 2 to zone 1 for work?

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    1) 房租 - city apartment / share a room = AUD $160 - 400 per week

    2) 交通 - Train (if you are travel everyday from city to other place, suggest you to buy the monthly pass is cheaper)

    - Tram (like 香港D輕鐵)

    - Bus (most likely is outside the city)

    P.S. 墨爾本 area divide into Zone 1, 2, 3 (so zone 1 is more closer to city)

    3) 手提電話 - suggest you bring your mobile from 香港 and just buy a prepaid card at the either Telstra, Optus, and 3.

    4) Internet fee - usually is AUD$100 per month

    5) 日常生活指數 - meal at 茶餐廳 around AUD$10, cook yourself per week around AUD$50

    6) 消遣娛樂 - play sport, watch Aussie football, night club, casino

    7) 旅遊 - Great Ocean Road, Philip Island, Mornington

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    希望幫到你!! ^_^

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    Cycling in zone 2 & 3 is common (but don't see much bike in zone 1 except the courier 送遞急件的信差 at the CBD)

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    Share a room is not equal "Home stay"

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    Home stay is where you stay in a host family and they provide you with meal, bedroom and you can use most of the thing in the house and that will cost you a higher fee. Also home stay family have the duty to take care of you (mostly person under 18 will choose to live in the home stay)

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    Share a room is where you are just renting a room in a house / apartment where you will live among with others as well. So, you need to think carefully whether you like to live with others that you don't know!

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    Yes, of course it is possible to cycle from zone 2 to zone 1 for work, but it will be quite far (depend where about is zone 2 you are located)

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    房租 (近 Melbourne central) - 簡單的就ok

    - share house : 近melbourne central即係zone 1, city地方要貴d, $ AUD 200 - 250 不等 多數有稼私 有上網share bill

    - homestay : $AUD200-250 包3餐, 包傢私, 包水電,包internet 不過未必岩你食同有d homestay有好多限制, 限制你幾點前回家, 冲涼冲幾耐

    -租studio : $AUD 800-1200 多數有傢私, 水電上網多數唔包

    交通 : city以Tram為主, 短程車可以買 2hours ticket, 都可以偷雞唔買, 但俾人捉到就罰 $ AUD 150

    手提 : 有recharge and 月費, 澳洲打電話係好貴, 續min計$$, 月費最平 $ aud 19 /month, recharge每次$30 用到無為止

    internet fee: 如果你裝telstra home phone (最平PLAN $ 20幾到1個月) 再裝 TPG 25GB plan ($aud 49.9) 仲有d平d但少dGB ge plan, TPG會比裝返telstra同optus ge internet平

    日常生活指數 : 其實除非BIG SALE, 如果唔係D嘢你都買唔落, 但佢1減價 (4, 6, 12月)就好平, 出街食嘢都幾貴, 鋪頭多數 5點就收晒, 無乜好做GE

    消遣娛樂,旅遊 : 住近city可以去victoria market買吓海鮮食, 幾平好fresh!!或者去吓st. kilda beach行吓 曬吓太陽or swimming, 嗰頭都幾舒服, 或者係落club 多數 fri係asian night, 唱k 啦咁, 旅遊就報下d 1day trip ski ar, 睇企鵝, 袋鼠, 樹熊, 12門徒石, 10月有鬱金香團

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