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我今天要介紹的是我最喜歡的球員KOBE BRYANT。身高200公分 體重95公斤,打的位置是後衛,是洛杉磯湖人隊的一員。他的父母為他取名Kobe,靈感來自一次晚飯,Kobe是一種高級牛排的名字 。於1996年投入nba選秀,第1輪第13順位被選中,當時他才18歲。

他拿過三次nba總冠軍,七次入選年度最佳第一隊和最佳防守第一隊,兩次年度得分王 兩次明星賽MVP 一次灌籃大賽冠軍 一次例行賽MVP。




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    Today I want to introduce my favorite sport player KOBE BRYANT.

    He is 200 centimeters tall and 95 kg, he is a back fielder, one of the Los Angeles Laker team. His father named him Kobe because he got the idea once he was having a dinner, Kobe was name which was one of a high-quality beefsteak. He attended the nba competition in 1996, he was selected in the first round and 13th suitable, that time he was just 18 years old.

    He had won the first place three times in the nba competition, he was selected seven times for the year best first team and the best of defending team, two times the year best scorer, two times the Star match MVP, one time for the first place of shooting-basket competition and one the routine match MVP.

    He was a very talented scorer, once he had 80 points by himself in a match, which was the history previous high record, only inferior to Chamberlain's 100 points.

    But, because his manner was very arrogant, he like to play the basketball by himself without anyone plus the natural violation event he had did, made most of the people started to hate his manners. But, over all he had still shown he was the best basketball player in the world, gradually he had also found out the importance of team work and to be the leader, made Laker team gradually become more stronger and talented and also made him won the most valuable player title in the last year which was the best.

    He can has these achievements today, aren’t only by his talent, also because of his many years of hard working.


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    I would like to introduce today is my favorite player KOBE BRYANT. 200 cm tall weighing 95 kilograms, the position to fight back, the Los Angeles Lakers is one. His parents named him Kobe, inspired by a dinner, Kobe steak is a high-level name. 1996 draft nba input, a section 13 of the first sequence is selected, when he was only 18 years of age.

    He won nba championship three times, seven times the year selected the best defensive first team and first team, scoring two annual All-Star Game MVP twice a Slam Dunk champion first regular season MVP.

    He has a strong scoring ability, was alone in a game was 81 points, is the record of the history of the second highest, second only to Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points.

    However, because of his attitude of pride, like the ability to go it alone on their own, together with the "sexual incident" occurred, so that the majority of people do not like him, but he proved his strength with today's best players, but also gradually understand the importance of team work to become a true leader, so the Lakers playing better, but also so that he has been in the last year the title of Most Valuable Player

    He can have today's achievements, not only talent, as well as his many years of hard work of these results have now


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