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The Futuristic Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci

Centuries before Hughes was designing the Spruce Goose, another pioneer in transportation design was sketching plans for different kinds of flying machines. Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps the most famous artist of the Renaissance period, planned flying devices with flapping wings controlled and steered by human pilots. His research focused on the complex anatomy of birds in flight, and he based his flying machines on this analogy. It took almost 500 years for da Vinci’s sketches to become real. In June 2000, a professional parachutist named Adrian Nicholas jumped out of a hot-air balloon over the South African countryside using a parachute made of wood and canvas based on one odd a Vinci’s designs. Nicholas landed safely, and Leonardo’s dream became reality. These three enigmatic individuals, Wan Hu, Howard Hughes, and Leonardo da Vinci, came from places and cultures that are about as different as we can imagine. What they shared was a fascination with flying, a spirit of innovation, and the courage to try and make their dreams or flight come true.

In an Only Child a Lonely Child

This month in Family Planner magazine, child psychologist Dr. Ethan Wood answers a question from Andrea Gonzales, who writes

Q: Dear Dr. Wood,

My husband and I are facing a dilemma, namely the issue if whether to have a second child-we already have one healthy, happy five-year-old daughter. Both of us have demanding jobs, and limited time and financial resources, but we’re also very keen to make sure that our only child dose not become a lonely child. So, what are the pros and cons of having a second child?

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    Leonardo da Vinci(萊昂納多‧達‧芬奇)的未來的想法

    在Hughes(休斯)設計Spruce Goose(史步魯 固斯)幾世紀前,另一位在運輸設計的開發者正為不同的飛行器做草圖。(萊昂納多‧達‧芬奇),或許是最著名文藝復興時期的藝術家,設計一種以人類領航用輕拍翅膀來控制及掌舵的飛行裝置。他的研究集中於鳥在飛行的複雜分析,並且他以這種比擬來建立他的飛行器。(達‧芬奇)草圖花了將近500年的時間才成真。在2000年的6月,一位叫(亞德裡恩尼克勒斯)的專業傘兵從一個熱氣球跳出來並使用一種基於Vinci(命系)設計之木頭和帆布做成的降落傘越過南非農村。(尼克勒斯)安全落地,且(萊昂納多)夢想成為真實。這3個謎一般的人,Wan Hu, Howard Hughes, and Leonardo da Vinc(胡,好爾德‧休斯和萊昂納多‧達‧芬奇),是來自一個與我們能想像的不同的地方和文化。他們分擔對飛行革新的精神,及想辦法使他們的飛行夢想實現的強烈愛好者。


    這個月在家庭計畫者雜誌,孩子心理學家Ethan Wood(伊芳桑‧伍德)博士回答Andrea Gonzales(安得烈亞‧岡薩雷斯)寫的一個問題。

    問題: 親愛的Wood(伍德)博士,


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