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小美 asked in 電腦與網際網路軟體 · 1 decade ago

急!!!幫忙英文翻譯 請勿用翻譯軟體或是網頁 感謝

Smiling bodies

In the standardized and feminized social figure of an air hostess, the lines of class and gender fall neatly within one anther (e.g. Skegges,2004). Working-class women serve business-class men. She embodies the attributes (of friendliness), skills (to serve) and capacities (to nurture) of a performance of femininity. She manages her work performance as a pointedly feminine accomplishment that, paradoxically, can be externalized from her as an effect on, and experience of, an audience who act as the final judges of her working skills. The latter has, needless to say, always been the case in sexuality-based jobs and social positions (as a wife, a concubine or a prostituted woman or man). It bear to note that smile, upon which the performance of femininity at work depends, is not only a visual image. Smile is an attribute of the entire convinced and convincing body that relates to another person; it is embodied display and an act of amiable hospitality; it lingers in voice, gestures and bodily positions, not only on the lips. It creates the required audience-experience. ‘For the flight attendant, the smiles are part of her work, a part that requires her to coordinate self and feeling so that the work seems to be effortless’ (Hochschild, 1983, p.8). the mission is completed when a client feels content like a well-served guest or a well-nourished child. One could say that a smiling body is a well-trained body – just like a convincing body of a soldier is. Both are given a competence in ‘rhetorics of the body’ (Foucault, 1997, p.135).


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    在標準的和有女性風度社會的圖的空中小姐,線路的班級和性別落下整潔地不越出1個花藥(例如Skegges,2004 ).工人階級的女人服務貿易-階級男人.她具體表達屬性(的親切),技能(到服務)和容量(到養育)的成績的婦女特質.她尖銳地管理她的任務業績作為女性的完成那個,paradoxically,能來自她的作為對有影響賦與形體,和經驗的,觀眾誰擔當最後的士師記的她的工作技能.後面的有,不用說,總是是案例在性特徵-立基於工作和社會的位置 (作為太太,妾或妓女女人或男人).它提供證據記錄那個微笑,在上哪個成績的女人氣質在工作依賴,不僅視覺心像是.微笑是歸因於的關係到他人的完全確信著和有說服力的身體;它被具體表達陳列和舉動的親切的好客;它躊躇在聲音,姿態和身體的位置,不僅在嘴脣.它創造必需的觀眾-經驗.‘為飛行侍應生,微笑在分開的她的工作,需要她的到同等者自己和感覺如此工作似乎是不費力的以致的部分&rsquo ;(Hochschild,1983,p.8).任務被完成的什麼時候顧客覺得內容象井-服務客人或井-滋養孩子.1個會說微笑身體是健康的-訓練身體 &ndash ;正如有說服力的身體的士兵島雙方的被給能力在 ‘修辭學的身體&rsquo ;(Foucault,1997,p.135).

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    急!!!幫忙英文翻譯 請勿用翻譯軟體或是網頁 感謝


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