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For Ikea ear of mattresses and wooden shelving

did not end until the beginning of the 1980s.

In the 1970s the company,

today the largest furniture Chain in the world,

sold millions of pieces of basic furniture such as

the Ted folding chair.

It gradually transformed itself into a lifestyle brand

that had a tremendous influence on popular taste,

with products that were affordable for the majority of people.

With a constant flow of new products and ranges and

a comprehensive collection of fabrics and lamps,

the blue-and-yellow giant progressed from hallways and

children's rooms into living-rooms and bedrooms.

At the same time, the quality of its products improved,

and external designers were hired.

One of the first was the Dane Niels Gammelgaard from

Pelikan Design, who introduced a considerable number of designs.

Products such as Gammelgaard's Moment sofa,

as well as in-house designs such as Tomas Jelinek's Stockholm glass cabinet,

typify the move away from provincial respectability to international modernity.

For many years Ikea has been a genuine alternative for people who,

to quote its advertising "have more taste than money".


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    ikea 家具公司的床墊及木質書架時代一直到1980年初才結束.





    第一批設計師中由Pelican設計公司的Dane Niels Gammelgaard 設計了許多產品,如Gammelgaard Moment 沙發.

    自廠設計師如Tomsa Jelinek的玻璃櫃標示了(產品)由小家碧玉到全球流行.


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