why did Henry the 8th send away Duke Phillip of Bavaria away from Princess Mary tudor?

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    I assume that Duke Philip was sent away because Henry was getting his marriage to Anne of Cleeves annulled. If you follow the history of Mary's possible suitors, they have always, in one way or another, been related to Henry's proposed wives. It was thought that, if Henry should Mary the Duchess of Milan, that Mary would wed a prince of the Roman Empire- a relative of the Duchess. Marriages during that time were often created for politics rather than affection and I believe that Mary was often a victim of such political treachery. It is noted that she did, in fact, kiss Duke Philip, though not in Court (for more details see the Tudors wiki) which indicates affection. I certainly feel bad for women of that time-- they were often without choice which limited their ability to find an appropriate spouse.

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    I cant find any history on phillip (still searching) but it seems that henry didnt want any kind of relationship with the cleves since he was anxious to get rid of anne. That is why he put a stop on duke phillips courtship with mary tudor.

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    I am not absolutely sure who the character is supposed to be. He is certainly not the Duke of Bavaria. In the past, the smaller characters in the television series that I researched barely resemble their real life counterparts.

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    Who could have accomplished one in each and every of those wedding ceremony without the King's permission? Mary in no way traveled to the gentleman's place of foundation, so the marriage could have had to ensue in England, and the couple could have been annoying placed to locate everybody who could have accomplished the ceremony without Henry's contract. Had it taken place, the marriage would not have been valid. As for what could have happened, we gained't say precisely. in all probability the gentleman could have been "invited" to pass away the rustic, and Mary could have been despatched faraway from courtroom. basically, Henry replaced into extra captivated with one in each and every of those wedding ceremony than Mary replaced into. Mary advised her father that she did no longer desire to marry a Protestant.

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