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Second Undergrad degree in Environmental Engineering (I suck at math) or MA in public policy!?

Already have a BA in honors International Political Science which has proved useless to this point.

I have worked alot as an ESL teacher overseas and in the non profit sector. Currently work as volunteer research assistant with a Microfi org who stresses alternative energy for sustainable development in developing nations.

I want to go into International Sustainable Development but want a degree that is both lucrative and applicable to other fields for job security. Would it be better to go back and get an undergrad degree in Environmental Engineering although I suck *** at Math (which would further deem my PoliSci degree as useless) or do I build on my BA in International Politics and pursue a MA in Public Policy?

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    Environmental is more chemistry than math. I say go for the B.S., all social science will get people nowhere. There's just nothing special about them, and there's TOO many of them. Social sciences, social ecology... basically everything that isn't computer, engineering, or doctor-related isn't worth the amount a person pays for college anymore.

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    don't do the engineering unless you like math.

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