Does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?

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Does it hurt? How bad and for how long? I'm thinking of getting mine done really soon and I already have a double piercing on both ears. Also should I get it on my right or left more
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I have that thick little cartilage nub on the side of your head done (Tragus) I went online and looked up experiences. Everyone I know said they cried....I read experiences online that said things like it felt like getting punched in the was excruciating....I passed out from the pain.

I went in terrified. The piercer set up, got me ready(Cleaned my ear, clipped back my hair..the usual) and then clamped my ear. I was sitting there my face all scrunched up (Mind you I have other piercings and thought they were painless) but I was waiting for that "Punch to the head!" HAHAHAHA He told me to open my eyes and look in the mirror. I did and sure enough there was a curved needle sticking out of my little tragus. It was PAINLESS! It was nothing. And thats a thick piece of cartilage. I've met others that said it was painless and some that cried like a baby.

The only bad thing, I didn't sit down long enough afterwards, and when I was talking to my tattoo artist about my appointment, I got SUPER dizzy, Super Hot, and he made me sit down for a little. It happens when I get pierced or tattooed (which I find both totally painless).

I will suggest you get it done by a needle at a qualified piercing shop. Those guns they use at the mall can't be steralized properly, they're used on repeat customers (Hello hepatitus Hiv? ) and I've had them done on my lobes. It hurt more to have those done (supposedly painless) that it did to repierce my original holes that closed up when I was 2. They were scarred over, and i punched through a keloid, using a push pin. That didn't hurt. Those guns basically force a starter earing (its about as sharp as a toothpick) through the skin of your cartilage or ear lobe. It tears the skin. It can also break the cartilage in your ear causing ear collapse.

Needles are basically razorblades in tube form. They're hollow, take a little piece of skin out, and make a nice neat hole for the jewelry to go through. Its a lot safer, and doesn't damage your skin/tissue/cartilage as much. And I only paid $30 for my tragus. Just find a reputable tattoo/piercing studio, and talk to your piercer (Be comfortable with who's piercing you) and then ask them to do your piercing. Most will cut you a deal on multiple piercings (Its $20 for one lobe where I go) but its only $30 for both.

DO NOT USE A GUN WHATEVER YOU DO! I don't care who's had a good experience. Needles are pitched after each use, opened new infront of you, and I wouldn't recomend getting two if you haven't had it done before. Get one. Keloids can happen to cartilage piercings and they're hell to get rid of. If you get a double in one sitting, although you'll pay more for an individual piercing, it would be safer to go with one at a time. Let the other one heal up before getting another.

Good luck. And if it does hurt, it wont last long. I was sleeping on my piercing three days later with no pain. It did get sore again and thats common tattoo artist said his would hurt on and off for three years.


pierced cartilage...thick piece of cartilage pierced

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thx so much!!!
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  • *hedgeツ♥ i<3mlm* answered 5 years ago
    I got mine done about a month ago. Everyone i knew said it hurt like a ^%$%$. But honestly, it didn't hurt. Kinda hurts to sleep on it though
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  • kandi kidd answered 5 years ago
    it feels like a any other piercing. worse than lobes but not too much worse.
    on a scale of 1-10..probably a 4. i had mine done in both ears and it was HELL to sleep.
    as to which ear, it doesnt matter..probably which ever side you dont sleep on.


    9 piercings incl cartilage
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  • m&m answered 5 years ago
    ok so i pierce ears at my job, and the piercing doesnt hurt, but it does after, you end up getting it caught in your comb or hitting it with yur brush, and about 60% of cartilage piercings get infected, i had mine in for 9 months and it was still infected and sore at the end of that so i took it out, and yes i took the right steps to ensure it did not get infected.
    best of luck i hope you make an informed decision!
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  • Lucy answered 5 years ago
    Nope it doesn't hurt at all!
    but it depends on your pain tolerance because some of my friends cried when they got it and some thought it hurt a little and some thought it didn't hurt at all!
    get it on your right.....but if your not sure buy a clip on or stick a diamond on the your ear to see which one looks better.Mine is on my right and my left.
    It only hurts sleeping the day you get it pierced because i sleep on my side so when i put my head on my side [my ear is touching the pillow] it burns and hurts alot [well not to much but a little]..but that's just me.
    make sure after you get it pierced not to touch it that much unless your putting alcohol on it.also everyday in the morning twirl the earring around just once so it wont get stuck.[sometimes it will get crusty so that's why im saying to twirl it.
    it will hurt for 1 month but it needs months to heal and till you can take the earring out out.
    PS;if your ear turns green [not the ear just a little on the hole] then dont wear fake earrings on your cartilage or it can get infected and when it gets infected it hurts like H*ll
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  • ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥ answered 5 years ago
    Right ear.

    It doesn't hurt persa... It can feel uncomfortable later. It takes longer for a cartilage to heal.
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  • psychicvampire answered 5 years ago
    i don't know if it hurts since i haven't gotten mine done yet, but maybe a little, like a pinch?
    I think i'm going to get it on my left ear. I sleep on my right side and my bangs also go that way too.
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  • ♥{JuicyyBabii} answered 5 years ago
    Depends on YOUR pain tolerance level.
    Everyone is different when it comes to pain.
    I have a very high pain tolerance and all of my ear piercings were NOTHING to me.
    Get it on whatever ear you want. Some people say that getting a piercing on a certain side means you are 'gay'. Don't pay attention to that and any idiot who follows that rule is...a idiot.


    I have:
    Multiple ear piercings
    **All just a lil pinch..yes the VCH was just a lil pinch too. Aha. I'm lucky to have a VERY high pain tolerance level**

    All done with a needle.
    All done by a professional at a REAL place.

    *NO piercing should be done with a gun. They're reused over and over again(rubbing it with a alcohol wipe is not going to do shittt), and anybody can be trained to use them within a hour. Places like Claires/Icings/Wal-Mart are NOT real.

    *DO NOT be a self piercing idiot. I find it hilarious when a person does that or has another person who is not trained does it and get's seriously infected. Really funny!
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  • LG answered 5 years ago
    its just a little sore when you get it, but it does suck cuz you can't sleep on that side for awhile cuz it hurts, but its worth it :) and get the left side done!

    *the saying goes....left right...right wrong... :)*
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  • Omii Goshii answered 5 years ago
    i was 10 didnt feel it it stings after for about 1 min....
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  • thea. ♥ answered 5 years ago
    I have my cartilage pierced 5 times. And only one hurt and it was the tragus, which is normal for most people, because its harder than the other cartilage parts of your ear.

    The one you're talking about, isnt exactly a "no pain" thing. You'll feel a pinch, but it is completely tolerable. And theres a warm feeling around the area after, you prolly know this since you 've had lobe piercings. Try not to get it done with a gun, because guns are just plain bad. The people who pierce with guns dont clean them ( So that means, any other body fluid that came onto the gun, could go into your piercing, and thats really gross) So just be safe and go to a reputable peircer.

    As for the right or left.. you should get on it on the side you dont sleep on as much. :)

    And always clean it with a SSS. :)
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  • ♥נαуℓαнυииιιвυиz answered 5 years ago
    1-10, 10 being the worst pain id give it a 2, i have 7 ear piercings including my cartilage and it is sore for a few weeks but if you clean it and take care of it and try not to sleep on that ear or bump it on the phone anything that will irrate it and make it swell up you should be good
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  • RissaRawr answered 5 years ago
    It doesn't really hurt at all, The only thing that really hurts is trying to sleep that night, and a few nights after. But no it doesn't hurt when you get it, its like a tiny pinch and Bam, its done. =) Good luck
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  • Kimberly answered 5 years ago
    Yes it does hurt. But just when you are getting it done and maybe 30 minutes after. And you can't sleep on it either for weeks i could only sleep on my left side. I have my top right ear pierced and my left ear in the middle pierced. But what would look good on you i do not know. Hold a stud up to both sides and see what looks better for you. But beware they get infected if you don't properly take care of them and you have to leave the stud in forever so it won't close up on you. The one in my right ear healed super fast and never bothers me but my left ear i still can't take the stud out only for a minute to clean and it always bothers me when i sleep. But i love both and think they make any chick look hella sexy!!
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  • jean. answered 5 years ago
    i just got mine last month =]
    it hurts less than piercing the actually earlobe.
    it just is kinda sore for a while, probably like two weeks?
    and as for which ear, which ever one is showing the most. lol. i have mine on the right, but it really doesnt matter
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