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*the one in Arlington Cemetery

-how many are there?

-why don't we know their identities?They gave their lives,the least we could do is give them back to their families.

-What should I wear when I go visit the tomb tomorrow?

I want to be as respectable as possible,because I do not underestimate how serious the guards are about their duty

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    As The Queen Has Spoken said, there are three unidentified bodies in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. One each for World Wars I & II, and for the Korean Conflict.

    They weren't identifiable because when they were found, there was no identification (dog tags or otherwise). No one was physically able to identify them, so there they lay on hallowed ground.

    Wear whatever you like at the cemetery, and yes, respect the day, and those who sacrificed their all for us to remain free.

    The guards are from the 3rd Infantry Regiment, which is known as the "Old Guard." Not every soldier is eligible to be assigned to the Old Guard. They must apply and be selected.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How many soldiers there? There are hundreds if not thousands unaccounted for but 3 that are actually in the tomb. Only one cemetery, and only about 30 sentinels (i think, I know there have only been like 500 in all history of the Tomb Guard).

    Before there were dog tags or better ways of identifying bodies it was very hard to, and also if a body was completely burned or lost from a POW camp etc.

    I wore just pants and a polo (wow it was hot, those guards had to have been sweating a river under that wool). It's more about being quiet and reverence for them than just looking good.

  • In the past things would happen that caused anything to make that soldier identifiable to disappear. Perhaps he was killed and his dog tags were lost before being recovered.

    There are soldiers from WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam conflict until his remains were identified by DNA in 1998.

    Yes the guards do take their duty very seriously out of respect to the men at rest in that tomb.

    Just be quite, watch the guard as he does his sentry. It's quite something to see.

    On a less serious side, I was once locked into Arlington Cometary.

  • 1 decade ago

    there are many many in arlington but only one that is guarded and famous, we don't know their identities because technology is just now so progressed that we are able to do most anything but mabye back then there bodies were so badly mangled up or they lost their dogtags and who really wants to be studied after they are in the groud...that is why we must honor the symbolic tomb of the unknown soldier....however you can wear whatever you like just please don't chat at all while they are changing guards and keep it down around there any other time b/c it's a cemetery.

  • 1 decade ago

    1.) Thousands

    2.) Too screwed up when found dead.

    3.) Something respectable, if you're a serviceman, you're Class A or Alpha Uniform.

    4.) Do not **** with the guards, they will probably be standing at attention guarding the tombs and if you touch one of them they do have the right to mess your **** up. Do not talk to them either.

  • 1 decade ago

    we dont know them because they never found there bodies, and the military that knows about it is not suposed to talk about it. i was there, and you dont need to wear anything to be respectful, just dont talk or make any disterbance. whatch the changing of th guards there... everything is 21.... 21 steps, 21 everything. this is remarkable to see!

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