Is religion the major roadblock to people UNDERSTANDING homosexuality?

I posted two questions to the religion and spirituality section earlier and it brought out some serious ugliness from people. I think possibly my mistake has been in thinking Christians all understand homosexuality - face it, there's not much you need to know. But after reading some of these answers, I don't know - some of them think it's a matter of choosing someone of the same sex and simply going at it. I find it baffling.;_ylt=AtQXn...;_ylt=AojGJ...


Aimee B: The questions aren't mean spirited - the answers I got were! I came to the LGBT board for a better understanding, or that was the idea at least.

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    Some religions really depend on willful ignorance to stay afloat.

  • 4 years ago

    Well, hold on there. The evidence suggests that there is some sort of genetic component, but its not some guaranteed thing, rather (at best) a 'nudge' in one direction or another. It *is* a choice, but for each and every one of us its not necessarially the same choice with the same weight on both sides. No one is born 100% destined to be gay (or straight, for that matter), at least according to the research. You know what else has a genetic component? Murder. The likelyhood that you will kill someone is, in part, genetic. (I AM NOT equating the two, just using this as a point). We clearly think that no one should murder anyone else, so the fact that it has a genetic component CANNOT become a criteria to remove any taboo or judgement on an action. In terms of why religions of today view it as a sin, I'll leave other replies to answer that question exaustively.

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    While I appreciate and understand your desire to start a meaningful conversation, think about what happens when people come to the LGBT board and ask questions that are even perceived to be mean spirited. They get trashed with similar nonsense.

    The internet, where people feel free to spout whatever crap happens to pop into their mind and then pat themselves on the back for "proving" their point with cleverness, is not the best place to seek such conversation. At least not on boards anyone can join.

    That said, religion itself is not really the major roadblock. People's stereotypes, their misconceptions, their unwillingness to think critically (not insulting critical, logical critical), their fear of what they don't understand, these are the things that stand in the way of people understanding homosexuality.

    Religion has nothing to do with people thinking homosexuals are promiscuous. It may be a forum to promote that belief but it isn't the origin of the belief.

    Some people take whatever religion says and go with it, period. They believe AIDS is God's judgment never thinking about the people who get infected through partners who cheat or blood transfusions. They believe Katrina was God's judgment on New Orleans never realizing the French Quarter (what they would consider the den of inequity) was never under water.

    People do the same thing with political party affiliation or club memberships. If it weren't religion it'd be something else.

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    People form R&S are mainly atheist, go ask and tell you're a christian you're gonna be bombarded with the opposition

    anyways i don't think religion is but more on the society

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    I won't agree that religion is THE major roadblock, but it sure is one of them. Of course, with all the flavours of religion, there are some that are roadblocks and some which support and understand us.

    Come to think of it, however, I can't think of anything that is quite so hurtful to homosexuals as the intolerance that some religions foster.

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    1 decade ago

    one of them

    i remember reading that christianity is the main reason for homophobia, there's also a lot of ignorance and stupidity

    many do think it's only about sex and they are so hateful

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    1 decade ago

    I believe a lot of people do understand homosexuality and for some bizarre reason hate it. They use their religion as a cover-up for their bigotry and hate.

    Others may not understand it, which I don't get. What is there to get besides instead of being attracted so people of the opposite sex, we're attracted to people of the same sex? People who are that closed minded disgust me. I don't know why it matters so much to them who gays are attracted to.

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    Yeah, if only people "understood" an immoral perversion of human sexuality, they'd think it was just dandy. God Himself is the roadblock; true religion just goes along with Him. Understand that.

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    In a word? YES.

    Source(s): I'm gay, and there is misunderstanding EVERYWHERE. People assume SO MUCH about gay people, such as that we're ALL flamboyant and feminine. 9/10 gay people are "straight acting", myself included. Generalizations are everywhere, and it is SO DEPRESSING.
  • No everybody understands homosexuality, accepting it as natural is an other issue. Religion could be roadblock in stating that homosexuality is natural.

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