What's a good superhero name and 1 more power for a superhero?

This superhero:

-has the ability to create bunnies from his life force(Don't ask)

-superspeed, super strength


-organic metal blades protuding from the side of his arms

Also, what should the background be?


This is for an art class. The background it the scenery behind him. And I think there is a gay superehero already out there

(superhero nerds, tell me if its true)

Update 2:


Also, I have to show the name of the guy creatively. Any suggestions?

Update 3:

also, if possible, can anyone answer my other questions?

Update 4:


Update 5:

I knew there were gay superheroes!!

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    Code Name: Nemesis

    Real Name: Katie Atwater

    Power: she is an empath and her psychic aura(like Psylocke's is butterflies and Jean Grey is the fire bird phoenix) are bunnies! However the more negative energy, hateful thoughts, pain and suffering she feels it transforms her into Nemesis. giving her superspeed, super strength, flight through wings and organic metal blades protuding from her elbows which allows her to bestow justice on whoever caused pain and suffering! or her sonic harpy scream! and she won't turn back until vengence has been dealt.

    History: She is demigod. Which makes her half human half goddess! her mother is Athena the goddess of wisdom and war. The gods of olympus have been turned to stone and are powerless and a new pantheon must rise and take over the mantle of the gods. but the new gods are the hidden sons and daughters of the old and most have no clue to their hertiage. One god found a way to escape or to allude capture but he must round up the remaining children before they are killed to tell them who they are and what they must do to maintain the balance in the world.

    Right now three stand ready. Prima- daughter of Artemis and Nemesis daughter of Athena and Anvil- son of Hephaestus!


    Im assume you are talking to me. Man i give you Gold!! gold i tell ya! I guess im not getting the best answer am I?

    You win Bunnyman and your gay bunny life force. YOU are my son Luke. NOOONONONONNO. it can't be true! search your bunnies and you will know its the truth.


    this is about other gay heroes and they are some.

    Northstar of Alpha Flight/X-men

    Karma of New Mutants/X-men is a lesbian

    Anole of the Young X-men

    Wiccan and Hulkling are a couple in Young Avengers

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    Bunnyman of course!

    As for one more power try the ability to transform himself into a bunny - again that would be obvious.

    Background: A teenager goes to the zoo and gets bitten by a genetically modified bunny!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I come up with horrible names, so I won't even try but for the other power Invisibility/ mind power

    For the name for a person with the wing power try Angel.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Recovers from injury's fast-

    Was bitten by a radio active bunny.

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  • 4 years ago

    since u mentioned bunnies id give him a name like " Hare Trigger " and maybe has the ability to also control animals.. a background could be something like a planet.. mars venus cross over like half and half blue and red colors..

  • 1 decade ago

    i already made m own superhero when i was a kid his name was blaze and his power was to fly he could shoot lightning bolts and fire and also had this bad *** suit i made for him too i was a pretty good artist

    Source(s): i was a kid bored in math class
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ability to heal/ scientist experimented on him to Create the ultimate human

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    name: Arnold the wonder-person

    power: eating cheese-strings

    no background. v. mysterious

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    make him a gay superhero (im not kidding, cos it'll be original)

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