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Do you think the Confederate States battle flag is a sign of racism?

I do...the flag resembles everything the Confederates were for including slavery. I hate when people say "it's not hate it's heritage"...can't you find something better to represent your heritage? I understand where they are coming from, but I am from Texas and many of my friends own posters of the confederate flag. They don't have it because of their so called heritage, but because of racism against blacks.


Yes it was fought over obviously don't know your history.

The primary reason they fought was because the Northern states were very industrial, and the Southern states were still a feudal agrarian society. The Northern states wanted to abolish slavery, and the Southern states thought this was a sign of them trying to destroy their economy.

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    I actually think that's one of those things that people make a bigger issue out of than necessary.

    If these are your friends, talk to them if it truly offends you.

    Personally, while I grew up in Florida, my family is all from New York. I don't really concern myself with it one way or another. I can tell how various people use the flag and that's what matters (i.e. one friend is a Civil War reenactor). I don't really HAVE friends that indulge in overt racism.

    As to WHY the Civil War was fought -- it was because the southern states wanted to secede and the Union say they could not. You can argue WHY they wanted to secede until you are blue in the face (both of you) but the bottom line is the south wanted to go and the north said no.

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    Is the American flag a sign of racism? I mean many nations have saw that flag as the United States invaded them. Including The South. What I am trying to get you to see is it is all in the mind of the beholder just like art.I am not southern but I understand that to begin with their flag wasn't a symbol of hate. Many of their top generals like Lee and Jackson was very much against slavery. Lee had been offered the top spot by Abraham Lincoln, however he turned it down when his home state sided with the confederacy. Saying it was just fought over slavery is too simplistic and isn't entire truth. Until 1863 when Lincoln delivered the emancipation all slaves free in southern or rebel states that wasn't his issue, just the abolitionists .If it was about slavery, funny how only 7% of all people were slave owners in the south and surprise surprise a percentage of those were black slave owners as well.So MAY i SUGGEST THAT YOU DONT know your history.

    Source(s): my history books
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    The actual story of the stars and bars was one of redesign

    The first flag had a similar feel to the Texas flag however in the heat of the Smokey battlefield it was mistaken for a US flag so they went with the stars and bars on a white field that flag looked to much like a surrender flag. So thus you have the stars and bars. So to me it is the default flag.You must remember that the reasons for the war were much more than just slavery. Most of the folks in the confederate army had never owned a slave.Also never try to put modern morals on a generation you know nothing about. To do so reeks of poor judgement and lack of fact. That is like calling all the people in California Mormon or Christian it does not fit the ideas of the populace in general to do so.Could this flag be considered racist in my opinion yes.

    Is it a heritage flag in my opinion yes.

    Source(s): History.
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    No matter that there are people who argue as to WHY the Civil War was fought It was fought and the southern states of The United States fought against the then current government in power. They did not use their right under the Constitution's First Amendment to "petition the the government for a redress of grievances" They southern states figured they could overthrow the federal governments laws by violence. A flag was created to symbolize that the states considered the Federal Government "the Enemy" and by reverse they were the Federal Government's enemy. By that postulate the flag became a symbol or standard for an enemy of the nation. And there has never been a time where the flag of this nation's enemies was allowed to be flown. Why this particular symbol of our country's enemy is allowed to be flown is a puzzlement. It's as though they want it both ways." I want to consider you an enemy, one who's legal laws I should not follow and your sons are deserving to be killed over our disagreements but if you win, let's just call it a "symbol of my heritage." Sort of like saying that if an enemy country whom we have conquered wants to fly a flag celebrating their "heritage" of being our enemy we should allow them to with no protest. I agree with 'History Boy" it is a symbol of an enemy that has fought us in battle. ...And lost. It's not a symbol of "heritage" it's a symbol of what someone wishes had happened and didn't and they can't get over the reality of losing.

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    My ancestor fought for the Confederacy. He believed in the cause, and didn't own slaves. In fact, none of my family owned slaves. We were what the slaveholders would have called "poor crackers." My ancestor fought for the South because it was his home.

    Slavery was a despicable, unchristian evil, but like it or not, it was a vital part of the Southern economy. The North was determined to abolish it all at once, which would have, and eventually did, wreak economic havoc on the South, putting us probably a quarter of a century even farther behind. A gradual emancipation would have been a far better solution, but the North was determined to have its way, and the South would not allow state sovereignty to be violated.

    To me, the Confederate flag represents heritage, sacrifice, and love of liberty. That last one is ironic since most Southerners would never allow blacks their liberty. There were free blacks, however, who fought underneath our banner. If you ask me, a little Southern determination to be free would be helpful in our present time of unprecendented government intrusion.

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    No I do not.

    It is a sign of State's Rights. Anti-Federalism. Basically, a sing of Nationalism, on a state level.

    And the war was not fought over slavery, but for the right for the state to choose to have slavery or not. Not a right of the federal government to decide.

    Now, I know where your coming from with the question. But your overall view of the flag is ignorant. Your friends have it to represent racism. That is there choice. But many people use it to actually represent who they are, and where they come from. The flag is a part of the Mississippi state flag. Does that make the state of Mississipi racist? No.

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    I had grown out of associating it with slavery till I examine your placed up and did some quick study (wikipedia on the Kansas-Nebraska Act.) there have been little question slavery supporters in the north yet that has no longer some thing to do with the association of the celebrities and bars with slavery. This became the flag of the confederacy. The confederacy became battling for the legitimacy of their suitable to have slaves. that is disingenuous to split states rights from slavery at the same time as the placement of states rights became slavery. enable's fake that the south seceded without objection. that still did not verify the placement of destiny states, and we already had a honest get mutually of what could be predicted at the same time as Kansas tried to get admitted in basic terms formerly the warfare. the placement turned right into a thanks to resolve the question of the enlargement of slavery into the hot states. The catalyst for the secession became slavery and this is the failure to settle for this that motives human beings to affiliate the celebrities and bars with slavery. Thomas Jefferson foresaw that the Missouri Compromise, dividing the rustic in accordance to slavery could ultimately damage the union. Wasn't it the mess in Kansas after the Kansas-Nebraska Act that tore the placement? there turned right into a large push to move slavery into Kansas observed with the help of an inflow of abolitionists. Kansas had its own civil warfare happening. The loose-Soilers refused to renowned the legitimacy of the pro-slavery territorial legislature after the legislature provided 2 options for the state structure, NEITHER of which may have made slavery unlawful. the pro-slavery legislature did not enable the voters to examine on. The loose-Soilers exceeded their own structure. a lot for huge-spread sovereignty. Congress and the Senate chop up on permitting Kansas in as a slave state.... and Congress blocked admission, which became taken with the help of a few politicians as besmirching the honour of all slave states. the rustic became spiraling into warfare... because.... the dispute wasn't about slavery?

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    I personally don't think so. I mean if your ancestors fought for the Confederates its just kind of like, a sign of respect. But obviously if they say its because of racism, then yeah. But the war wasn't technically fought all because of slavery anyway. It was the result of many things, sure, some of them were slavery-related, but the length to which the animosity grew nearly undermined the institution itself.

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    No. It's only a sign of racism when it's worn by skinhead thugs.

    The rest of the time it's just a symbol of Southern heritage (to honor ancestors who fought to gain independence) or a sign the person is a fan of country music.

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    The Confederate Battle flag was just that, a flag carried in a time of battle against the United States of America. If that's any body's heritage, they are MY enemy and an enemy of my country.

    Many Americans who's ancestors were enslaved and treated as a second class citizens for hundreds of years are offended by this flag. I can't say I blame them.

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