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what is limber a icey puerto rican treat?

my friend makes it its like a creamy ice treat she is puerto rican i would like to know how she make it

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    Limbers come in all flavors, sizes and ways to make.

    When I was a kid, the common tradition for making limbers is the same as today. It is a bottle of pure natural fruit flavors, such as strawberry, cherry, coconut, creme, raspberry, pineapple and so on. Hand made flavors are peanut(peanutbutter, these are my favorite), pina colada, coka cola, papaya, guanabana and much more.

    As a kid, these flavors were prepared then poured into ice cube trays and popped into the refrigerator until hard. Then you go buy the flavor you want and it would be put on a small cupcake wrapper like or on a small piece of wax paper. These in my days were only 1 cents each. Some people would use cup molds to make larger ones from 2 to 5 ounces.

    Today limbers are done in plastic disposable drinking cups. These cups run from 5ounces to up to 7.5 ounce cups and depends on the size is the price. By my house a lady makes them from peanut to grape flavors and the 5 ounce cup size is 50 cents. If a factory or a special place makes it for commercial production, then it will cost for a 7.5ounce cup $1.

    They are frozen but when the limber settles the good stuff or the flavor comes up to the top and form like a frosting and the rest is ice frozen.

    But they are delicious, inexpensive and you can make them at home.

    Just buy the bottle of you favorite fruit flavor syrup such as strawberry or what ever. This syrup is not for topping ice cream nor other sweets. This bottle looks like a wine bottle and the syrup is almost watery inside. You mix one part of syrup to 2 parts of water or is you like it a bit strong you can mix 2 parts syrup and 2 and a half parts of water. The bottle, if you want the one we use in Puerto Rico, comes with a yellow label and should say Yolly on the front with a color drawing of a kid in a plain baseball cap, if the label has not changed, I haven't made limbers in a while and now that you ask, I have an urge to get me my favorite syrup and make some.

    If you want after the 7.5 ounce cups of limbers are frozen or even the ice cube tray ones, put them in a blender and just give a few pulses and you have snow cones, but not too much crushing or you'll have water.

    But believe me they are a traditional treat. They started back in the 40's if I remember when those who had the first refrigerators here and those whom had stores with freezers, would take the ice cube tray the large metal ones and made limbers of coconut by cutting into the coconut taking out the liquid and using the meet of the coconut, also fruits such as mango, papaya, guanabana, were used since they are from here and easier to get. But no matter the flavor, they are a great inexpensive summer treat for all.

    Source(s): I live here have made them before and enjoy eating them.
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    Define Limber

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    what is limber a icey puerto rican treat?

    my friend makes it its like a creamy ice treat she is puerto rican i would like to know how she make it

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    Ask ur friend , but the limber i had as a child , made by my grandma was home made , from the fruits of the island , grated , sweetened , and cool , delisioso all over , some other old women used to sell them by the schools , good too, at one centavo!! It is not made from juices , and ice ! No. Ask ur friend . If not look it up, on how to really make a LIMBEL! The word comes from the root word -lamer - to lick, that is how we eat it , lickining it! Hugs.

    Source(s): my own memories of it , my own making it from natural fruits .
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    Limber is when you take any kind of juice or cool aid and place it in a plastic cup and let it in the freezer till is frozen and icey is frozen drink that you put on a cup and sip it with a straw.

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    that's like yum.

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