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PARENTS: my little angel is turning four next week! SHOULD I LET HER FATHER (WHOM I AM SEPARATED FROM) VISIT H?

MOMMIES: my little angel is having her fourth birthday party! should I let her father visit her?

MOMMIES: my little angel is having her fourth birthday party! should I let her father visit her?

he just got out of prison

bout three months ago

should I let him come to her birthday party?

should I email the other moms ahead of time so that they know that he will be there?

he has been in jail a total of three times

the first for stealing a car

the second for exposing himself to a child

and the third for grand theft auto (the charges were later dropped. which is why he is out of jail)

I still lvoe him dearly for giving me this little angel blessing from god

but he is her father, nO?

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    I don't think you should invite him to the party considering his past history with children. I do think the idea of letting him see her someplace public and supervised is feasible.

    Good luck in whatever you decide!

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    If he had gone to jail for only stealing cars... i would say yes.

    But considering one of his offences have invovled a exposure to a child... i would definately SAY NO.

    If for some reason you do decide to invite you, you definately need to tell the other parents. Because if my child was going to attend your party, i would not be taking her/him after finding out he was going to be there.

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    He exposed himself to a child?

    NO WAY.

    I'm normally pretty relaxed about letting fathers see their children. I think it's important.

    But sexual offences against a child is grounds for never seeing their own again.

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    I wouldn't invite him. Maybe allow him to visit with her (supervised) at the playground the day before or the day after the party.

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    I would say definately not! If he must see her make it after or before the party when nobody else is there, but make sure you are with her the whole time even if you trust and love him!

  • 1. i wouldn't invite him

    2. i would tell him and maybe he could give her a present but no visits unless u want ur daughter & friends too might have a bad party

    3. God is always capital unless u talking about greek gods and goddesses

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    why are you posting this repeatedly?

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