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Can you use magic jack to call people around the world (e.g. Egypt)?

I was thinking of buying the magic jack so that I could call all of my relatives, but some are in other countries.

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    Yes you can but you will pay per minute for these calls. For Egypt it's 17 cents per minute for some numbers and 14 cents per minute for others. Use this link for rates for other countries on MagicJack:



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    Never heard of it either. I just looked it up. It is something like Vontage. I have never heard of anyone, in person that I know, that have tried it. But if this ad for The Magic Jack is real .... there are some big name companies that have heard of it, Will be interesting to see if there is anyone that has actually tried it and they leave a comment.

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    Yes but in order to have majic jack you have to have dsl in your home.

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