list of rock and pop immortals?

a while back Rolling stone magazine made a list of artists that they claim "Immortal," meaning that they will never be forgotten for some reason or another. my challenge for you is to create your own immortal list. Name 10+ bands/artists that you think will be remembered forver, bonus pints if you give reasons why.

BQ: make a list of the same manner about the R&P regs.


whats wrong ♥Over the Hills and Far Away♥?

can you tell me your name so i dont have to callyou by you profile name too?

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whats wrong ♥Over the Hills and Far Away♥?

can you tell me your name so i dont have to callyou by you profile name too?

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you can put in more than ten.

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Bria, you can go ahead and tell me, i hate when people i know are depressed. it could help to tell someone.

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ive noticed the new name, I just didn't say anything about it. no one's noticed mine except Stone.

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Bria. I wish there was something i could tell you to make you feel better, but i dont know what to say about that, sorry :(

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Michelle, i was waiting for someone to say Nirvana, no matter what others say, they were a great band and brought the media to a completely underground genre.

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    ooohhh!!! fun!!!!

    1) the beatles

    the beatles will go down as the biggest & greatest pop/rock/psychedelic band ever in the history of history. mostly because love them or hate them everyone knows who they are. they changed the face of music as we know it. rock would not & could not be the same with out them. *see a hard days night, twist & shout, lucy in the sky with diamonds, with a little help from my friends, while my guitar gently weeps & helter skelter*

    2) led zeppelin

    known for their tripped out riffs & gods of rock appeal, led-zeppelin is one of the biggest bands in rock & roll. with jimmy page's layed back guitar style, john paul jones' superb bass playing, john bonham spot on drumming & robert plant's moaning singing style can not be done to this much perfection again. women wanted to sleep with them & men wanted to be them. what more coud you want in a band. they are immortal because of there music & that oh so sexy rock gods style that they not only invented but perfected to an art form. *see dazed & confused, the rain song, immigration song, the battle of evermore, over the hills & far away, no quoter, stairway to heaven, when the levee brakes & whole lotta love*

    3) the who

    legend-wait for it-ary!!! is all i can say. they had this presets on a record that you just knew it was them. they can't be duplicated. a wonderful collaboration that consists of a before his time punk rock guitarist, a wildly crazy drummer, a wonderfully superb bases & a raw & powerful singer. these men made incredible music together. that is why they are immortals in rock history. *see baba o'riley, behind blue eyes, happy jack, i can see for miles, magic bus, my generation, sneeze box & love, reign o'er me

    4) queen

    one of the best & well know bands to ever excised. whether people know it or not they all know this band & like at lest one song. with a harmonic musical blend of brian may's guitar, freddie mercery's powerful vocals, roger talyer's drumming & john deacon bass is pure genius. queen will always be immortals. *see bicycle race, bohemian rhapsody, don't stop me now, crazy little thing called love, somebody to love, killer queen, we are the champions & a kind of magic*

    5) janis joplin

    she has one of the most distinctive female voices in rock history. she tops my immortals list because of that crazy cool voice of hers. no women can sing the blues like her (or ever will i think). she had a presents on stage that is just beautiful. *see me & bob mcgee, kozmic blues, bye, bye, baby, summertime, mersadies benz, another piece of my heart, a women left lonely & try (just a little bit harder)*

    6) jimi hendrix

    quite possibly one of the best guitarist ever. he is an immortal because of both his psychedelic guitar style & his trippie fashion scene. though he's not really known for his voice his guitar skills well make up for that. *see all along the watch tower, are you experienced?, purple haze, voodoo child & the star spangled banner at woodstock*

    7) the doors

    probably more know for jim morrison's antics on & off stage. though it can't be denied what the doors have done for music. with a grate blend of music making of jim morrison cetlic vocals, beautiful keyboarding ray manzarek, cool drummering of john densmore & the amazing guitarist robby krieger. they brought dark lyrics to the 60's (which was known as the era of love). those dark poetic lyrics is why the doors are immortals. *songs to see back door man, brake on though (to the other side), light my fire, moonlight drive, the crystal ship, the end, people are strange & roadhouse blues*

    8) the rolling stones

    these bad boys of rock were the sex deprived, women wanting & leaving, rock n' roll loving voice for many generations (& still are). they are another monumentally big band by perfecting blues rock. no one could replace the stones. *songs to see beast of burden, ruby tuesday, sympathy for the devil, let's spend the night together, under my thumb, it's only rock n' roll (but i like it), wild horses & paint it black*

    9) bob dylan

    a protesting voice for a generation. not known for his outstanding vocals but for his amazing poetic lyrics. i personally love his voice. it can go perfectly with his raw, emotional lyrics. he is another one where you ither love him or hate him. i don't understand how hate such a genius. *songs to see the times they are a changn', like a rolling stone, blown' in the wind, mr. tambourine man, a hard rain's gonna fall, mama, you've bin on my mind, forever young & rainy day women #12 & 35*

    10) pink floyd

    the most tripped out band of the 70's. a band that thought & meaning to music "drug" music. they made some of the best consented records ever.they can not be topped & are immortals in rock because of it. *see dark side of the moon, the wall, animals & wish you were here*

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ray Charles

    Chuck Berry

    Little Richard


    THe Beatles

    The Rolling Stones

    The Who

    Led Zeppelin

    Jimi Hendrix

    Eric Clapton

    Janis Joplin

    The Doors

    The Allman Brothers

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Guns and Roses


    Bob Dylan

  • 1 decade ago

    The Beatles

    The Rolling Stones

    Bob Dylan

    Micheal Jackson


    Led Zeppelin

    Elvis Presley

    The Doors

    Kurt Cobain

    Jimi Hendrix

    I left out a lot of good Artists and Bands but when it gets down too it, None of these Artists or Bands will ever be forgotten...

    I do not make such lists, sorry.. To many users are deserving of this list, at least in my opinion..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Led Zeppelin

    Jimi Hendrix


    Pink Floyd


    The Doors

    The Beatles

    The Who

    Black Sabbath


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  • 1 decade ago

    first and foremost the beatles.. they were so innovative and creative their music was truly revolutionary

    queen.. freddie mercurys voice is pure brilliance and also im pretty sure every generation will listen to bohemian rhapsody, i cant see that song ever going out of style.

    alice in chains. Layne Staley is a GENIOUS. people can say what they want about nirvana.. but im pretty sure in time people will realise they take a backseat to aic in every way. they were the TRUE pioneers of grunge.

    metallica- they were really the first thrash metal band alot of people took note of, and for good reason. also they have been around forever

    pink floyd- very interesting and innovative sound

    led zeppelin- what can i say their legends

    black sabbath- in many peoples opinions they were THE FIRST metal band.

    uhh and i really dont wana do the r&p thing.

  • 1 decade ago

    David Bowie

    The Beatles


    Pink Floyd

    Bob Dylan

  • Led Zeppelin

    Rolling Stones


    Pink Floyd



    Jimi Hendrix

    Black Sabbath

    Nirvana (go ahead, I'll take the TD)

    Red Hot Chili Peppers (fingers crossed)

    Juke Box

    Mr. Tambourine Man









  • Diana
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Definitely Emperor

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Led Zeppelin


    I'm sorry, I'm really depressed right now.

    there are obviously more. I'm just..


    and it's a long.a*s.story.

    But lets just say I'm so depressed, that listening to Led Zeppelin can't even help me.

    Actually, music in general won't fix this.

    Nothing will :-(

    Sorry, that was so...depressing.

    **Ugh I've just been really stressed out lately and I got in a really stupid fight with my friend and then that made me really depressed...and then I had a panic attack at like 10:30 last night and my mom called 911 but by the time the ambulance came I was fine, and now I feel really sick and been crying for like 14 1/2 hours


    I don't even know why I got so mad at my friend, I just told her all this stuff that she can't do anything about and I didn't like her response and the panic attack thing just really scared me :|

    **It's okay, thanks for asking though, that actually made me feel ...half a percent better then I did before, which is a lot considering how sh*tty I feel.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Beatles - Legendary

    Led Zeppelin - Biggest name in rock and roll

    Pink Floyd - Revolutionary

    Queen - Freddie Mercury

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird. 'nuff said

    Black Sabbath - Found metal

    The Who - The windmill and Keith Moon

    Elvis Presley - Too many followers

    Michael Jackson - King of Pop

    Journey - Don't Stop Believin' will be the most downloaded song for a long time.

    BA: I'll edit.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    KISS-----They made makeup cool!

    GUNS N' ROSES-----They made the guitar just as big a part of the music as the vocals. The first garage band to make an impact. My personal fave.

    LED ZEPPLIN-----Genius for their musical arrangements. Opened the world up to a whole new type of rock.

    DEF LEPPARD-----Just an awesome group. No two ways about it.

    BEATLES-----DUH!!! They invented rock music!

    QUEEN-----Just totally changed the whole way you looked at music.

    ROLLING STONES-----They're just the Rolling Stones. Nothing more you can say about them.

    AEROSMITH-----Opened people up to a new type of rock. Awesome!

    EAGLES-----They have transcended every culture and era and have just been there through it all.

    THE WHO-----Kept Led Zepplin on their toes, just as Led Zepplin kept them on their toes.

    LYNARD SKYNARD-----Died too young...amazing impact on the southern rock genre. Their legend lives on. R.I.P.

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