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I want an NBA game. Bad.?

I want an NBA game I have a PS2 and a Wii what NBA game do you suggest??

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    You HAVE to BELIEVE me when I tell you this!

    NBA 2k9 is 1000 times better then NBA Live 09.

    I first bought NBA Live 09 and sure it was fun but VERY unrealistic.

    I just bought 2K9 a couple of days ago and it makes Live 09 look like a joke.

    Sure you may think Live 09 is better cause of Live 365, but no, I don't feel a difference between Live 09 with Live 365 and 2K9.

    NBA Live 09:

    You can't layup off the backboard, if you do, 95 percent of the time it misses.

    Every time you pass the ball the other team intercepts it.

    It's always the same chest pass in NBA Live 09, but in 2K9 it sometimes gives behind the back passes and cool bounce passes.


    There is a lot of extra controls in this game that Live 09 don't have such as the behind the back trick move and many more tricks.

    It also allows you to tap in dunk just tap-in the ball.

    Live 09 has a wide variety of very realistic layups. In Live 09 no layups go off the backboard and there is only like 2 kind of layups, sad right?

    NBA Live 09 is just so unrealistic, it's a joke. I press the X button (to dunk) from the 3 point line and the player some how always goes to the rim and dunks or sometimes even slides their feet.

    2K9 is also more realistic cause of the commentators and the T-Mobile stats and stuff.


    Defending in NBA 2K9 is a lot more difficult fun and complicated.

    All you do is hold LT to lock on D (on XBOX 360) in Live 09 but there in 2K9 there is a lot of different types of defending and you have to hold LT and MOVE with the player.

    Don't get will have to wait like 6-8 months...

    If you want a game to mess around and get 100 points with Kobe or LeBron every game, get Live 09.

    But if you want realistic cool fun basketball, get 2K9.

    They have different styles of graphics but I like the 2K9 style.

    The ONLY thing, and I mean ONLY thing that Live 09 has over 2K9 is the 3 point and dunk competition, and it's not even that much of a difference!

    Source(s): You can't go wrong with NBA 2K9, I got it for $34.99 bucks a couple of months ago. Once again 2K10 is coming out in like November, so don't wait, especially when summer break is soon. Oh, I almost forgot. Definitely get it on PS2, it would be so frustrating on a Wii.
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    I suggest NBA live or NBA 2K

    i would wait till either live 10 or 2k10 comes out very soon

    and get them on the PS2, the wii sucks at those type of games

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    NBA2K9 or NBALive09

    the two is different but you should pick NBA2k9 if it's you're Wii but if it's you're Ps2 better Nbalive09,because I have PS2 and NBA2K9 but it's not nice,I hate the Graphics and the settings.

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    NBA live 09

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    nba live

    or nba nk8

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    NBA LIVE 09

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    get a PS3, HDMI cable, an HDTV, and wait for nba 2k10 to come out..... you wont be disappointed

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