Use computer as guitar amp (plug into speaker cab)?

Okay, so i have a mac and the whole IK multimedia amplitube line. As of now, i have my guitar plugged into my computer, through amplitube (using it as an effects processor) and then a 1/8 cable from my computer to a 1/4 adapter into my tiny 15W guitar amp. I play the amp on the clean setting, as all the gain and effects are taken care of by amplitube. But now i want to plug into some larger speakers, and i would possibly want to make my own cabinet to save a little cash. So i want to know what i need to plug my computer headphone out into lets say a 4x12 speaker cab. I dont want to go buy a guitar amp because i dont need the gain or eq, all i need is pure speaker power. So do i need a power amp?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It can be done, although quite a few people who have done this report poor results in terms of sound quality and audio reproduction. Here is a guide specifically for macs:

    A good visual reference can also be found here:

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    5 years ago

    Of course you need a cab... how else would you hear anything you're playing? The amp doesn't have speakers! (otherwise it would be a combo amp) Just make sure that the impedance of the cab matches the head! Most heads have a switch that will allow it to operate at different levels, so just read the owners manual and figure out what your head can do. Don't run the amp without a cab hooked up. It's bad for it. Also, don't hook up the cab with normal guitar cables. You need speaker cables. In regards to the cab, don't worry about the brand so much. Amp companies don't make their own speakers. You can find the same exact speakers in cabs made by Fender, Marshall, Mesa, etc. The speakers make a HUGE difference. Personally, I like the Celestion V30s. Those are my favorite guitar speakers. I like their sound, and I think they complement my playing style. Do your research and find some speakers that you like, then try to get a cab loaded with those speakers!

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