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What Happened to Quantum Theory?

What ever happened to the PS3 game Quantum Theory? Will we see it at E3?

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    Tecmo might show some footage of Quantum Theory at E3... The game is over shadowed by numerous other PS3 exclusives.... I loved it when I saw the first trailer.....The Gears style TPS mode with movable cover seemed to be awesome. Haven't heard anything after that... The game is expected to land later this year (doubtful) or an early 2010 release date.

    The main problem is that Tecmo who are developing it themselves have their hands full with Ninja Gaiden Sigma... Another PS3 exclusive (a remake of Ninja Gaiden 2 on the 360). NGS being a more established franchise, has got all the lime light.I know for sure that NGS is being showcased at E3... Hopefully Quantum Theory details are also given at the same time

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    Well a outbreak of Swine Flu occured in Japan and that's preventing Square-Enix (makers of Final Fantasy) and Capcom (Resident Evil) from coming to the E3 this year. The company Tecmo (Quantum Theory) headquarters is in the same area as Capcom ad Square so they could cancle there E3 show but if they don't expect another Quantum Thoery trailer.

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    It's still scheduled for a 2009 release. If it's going to get release, it should show up at E3.

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    yeah it will be at E3 it has to be man it looks tight its the gears of war repeat

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