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Im 19 year old male virgin?

Okay i didnt start dating in highschool till my senior year. I am a very shy guy slowly comin out of it an its hard for me 2 go up 2 a girl and ask here out. or talk about serious things in a relationship like this topic. now im in college and i have dated 3 girls. I am in a relationship rite now and my gf is a virgin 2. I wanna lose it but i dont want to rush into it and end up regreting it. can anybody give me any advice


thanks for your advice. i will talk to her about this and get her opinion 2

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    For a start being a 19 year old virgin is nothing to worry about.

    Secondly, don't listen to all these churchy idiots saying keep your virgiinity until you get married - it's not a chest of gold. If you lose it with your current girlfriend, good, if not then also good, but you really do not gain a single thing by being a virgin till marriage - all that church rubbish spruiked by kids who don't even know what they're talking about.

    Anyway, just keep going as you are, you'll lose it when the time is right, it might be tomorrow, it might be in a year or 2 or whenever, just relax.

    Source(s): 27 years of life experience.
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  • Eva
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    hey there.. its not werid to feel this way.. at some point everyone is shy.. im a 22 year old female and my boyfriend who is 24 now, also didnt have his first girlfriend and lose his virginity until he was 20.. and since meeting him last year i could still see a little of that shyness.. but with a little confidence boosting, he is now way more confident in himself than when i first met him... all it takes sometimes is the right person to tell you that you are good enough! i also know how you feel when it comes to being terrified of rejection. it hurts a lot, and is something that leads you feeling like you are not good enough.. but, on the other hand.. if you dont put yourself out there, you wont get the great rewards of having someone to tell you how they feel about you, and to tell you that they think you're amazing.. im personally glad my boyfriend was a virgin till 20, id much rather someone like that than someone who has slept with more girls than they can count. it'll get better.. you just have to have a little more confidence in yourself! and by the way, a lot more girls like the weird ones than you think.. my boy is weird and i absolutely love it; he is the sweetest guy i have ever met and makes me feel special.. and thats really all that matters to a lot of girls.

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    Don't rush it. If its the first time for both of you it should be really special and not rushed or pressured. Just continue with the relationship and when the moment is right for both of you it will happen. If you try to make it happen to fast it won't be as special and you'll just regret not waiting.

    -Good Luck :)

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    i'm also a virgin, and 19. so don't worry, there's no rush.

    because there's no rush, if you want to make love and not just have sex, the criteria are always the same, no matter how many times you've made love. it should be about whether you love the person. i think that if you are intensely attracted to someone, it counts too.

    having sex is different from making love. that's just a decision to achieve an orgasm.

    it should be your choice as to which of the two you want to be your first. if you think you love your girlfriend now, go ahead, only after talking with here and hearing what she wants. if you don't love her, well, i wouldn't have sex with her. if you want to just lose it, find a random hookup at a party. if you want to enjoy it and grow from it, find someone you really like.

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    First of all, don't feel bad. I know guys in their 30s who are still virgins. If you don't want to rush it, it's that simple, DON'T. I can understand that you'd want to lose it, but there is a right moment for it to all go down, and apparently right now isn't that time if you're worried about regreting it. Don't worry, you're still young. Don't let anybody ever make you think that it's wrong to still be a virgin at that age. :)

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    Don't rush there's no need to rush into looseing your virgnity you only get it once and once its gone thats it. But if you want to loose it then thats your choice but I would wait. Virgins are hard to come by these days. Take me i'm 18 years old and i'm still a virgin and I plan to stay that way until marriage.

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  • Yes listen to your inner voice and tell your girlfriend about your feelings for her but that you do not want to rush it and want to wait until both feel committed and ready for it. Commitment and mutual understanding is more important. Take your time and make sure you won't regret it. It is ok to be a virgin. Warm regards, Susanne

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You don't need to lose your virginity. It's not a necessity. Wait until the right time. Try to talk it over with your girlfriend so that you guys could tell eachother when the right time is. You don't want to do anything that she isn't comfortable with.

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    Just take your time and make sure you really like the person. Chances are you will probably not end up marrying them but make sure they are special. It should be memorable for you and your partner. Always use protection (condom) no matter what anyone says. People are dirty and you dont want to get anything espically at college!

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    Damnn. This is a hard one & i give advice all the time.

    Well, i'm a girl so your right on not rushing it.

    But just talk to her about giving it up to you & telling her you want

    her to be your first.

    & if thats hard for you to say it in person, then text her.

    email her, mail her a letter.

    There is alot of resources.

    But if your ready, then do it.


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