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1. 我覺得呢本書俾左我好多既啟發..例如;一些人生會遇到困難既時候應該要去點做..同埋對於人生中既疑惑...例如;死亡、愛、婚姻、家庭等等。

2. 當中他說了一句..[["Love each other or perish"]]...這令我體會到原來人生..真的需要愛..沒有愛..一個人就形同一個沒有感情的空殼...不懂去享受自己的生命..那存在的意義去了哪?

3. 另外..[["When you learn how to die, you learn how to live."]] 這都說明了如果你懂得死亡並不是什麼可怕的事..你就會在這來之前好好去享受自己的生命..珍惜每一件事和每一個人..不會讓自己感到後悔甚至是覺得此生無憾。

4. 墨瑞在最後的歲月中,他不忘對生命作出深 刻的反思,同時,他把這難得的經驗,通過每星期二的短聚,統統傳 授給他的一位學生。即使面對死亡,墨瑞從來沒有忘卻他是一位老師。

5. [[你要知道自己會死,並隨時作 好準備,這樣就好得多.這樣你在活著的時候,就可以真正的比較投入]]

6. [[把水龍頭打開,讓情緒沖刷你全身。不會有事的,這只會對你 有益。孤寂感也一樣,你放手讓它去,讓眼淚掉下來,完全感受它。]]

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    1. I thought this is an meaningful book for me. For examples; what should someone do when they have some difficulties, and the problems in human life, such as death, love, marriage, families etc.

    2. Middle he said one. [[" Love each other or perish"]]…This makes me to realize the original life. Really needs to love. Has not loved. 0.1 people do not have the sentimental skull on shape identical…Does not understand enjoys own life. That existence's significance has gone?

    3. Moreover. [[" When you learn how to die, you learn how to live."]] this explained that if you understood that the death is not the fearful matter. You before this will come will enjoy own life well. Treasures each matter and each person. Will not be regretted oneself will be thought that this will live not regrets.

    4. The Mexican Switzerland in the final years, he does not forget to the life to make the profound resonsideration, simultaneously, he this rare experience, gathers short through every Tuesday, teaches entirely gives him student. Even if faces the death, the Mexican Switzerland had not put behind that he is a teacher.

    5. [[you must know that you will die, and momentarily will finish the preparation, like this will be much better. Like this you in are living time, may the true comparison investment]]

    6. [[turns on the water cock, lets the mood wash out your whole body. Will not have the matter, this will be only beneficial to you. The alone feeling is also same, you drop to let it go, to let the tear fall, feels it completely.]]



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