Is Chris Pine a jerk?

I've heard things and seen things that say Chris Pine (the Star Trek dude) is a jerk.

What is all the gossip (hehe, I sound 40) and dirt I should know?

More or less, tell me everything about him!

All I know is that he's really cute.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Chris Pine comes from a family of actors. As far as being a jerk, I don't think we can really ever know unless we meet him. How he acts around his fans tells a lot about actors- whether or not their fame has gone to their heads and whatever other jerky signs that can be shown to fans. From what I have heard and read, he is not that way, but again I cannot know for sure. Can you post a link to whtever you have seen or read that makes him seem that way? Maybe then I can better assess the situation. I hope he's not a jerk... He seems like he could be a genuine guy. But then again he is dating that hobag Audrina Patrige so maybe his standards aren't up to par. I hope he sees the light soon an doesn't become corrupt by that famewhore...

    Hope I helped and please post your source if you can.

    Thanks and God bless!!!

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