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Anyone Who Has Seen "Angels & Demons", Please Help!?

Ok, in angels & demons, we eventually find out that patrick (who saved rome in the end and was about to be elected pope) branded himself and blamed it on another man. I dont understand why he would do that. Thank youu.

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    He needed people to think that the illuminati were still at large, while in reality it was him orchestrating the whole thing so he could become Pope and cleanse Rome. He was going to Brand himself and say they came in and did it, but because the guard was in there, he just made people think it was him and that got him off the hook to still look innocent. Also the guard told him that he had already told the man who came running in what was going on, hence why the Camerlengo told them to shoot that man also. They both knew the truth and if they lived, Camerlango would have been in a lot of trouble.

    The Camerlengo, or Patrick as they called him in the movie (book is much better btw) was in charge of everything. Killing the Pope, stealing the antimatter, hiring the killer, etc..he did all of that so that he could "find" the antimatter at the last minute and save Rome, because if everyone chants his name at the same time he will automatically be elected Pope since he cannot officially be elected because of his low position in the Church.

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