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What mental state exists in heaven?

If I go to heaven, in what way am I there? Before I was born, I had no mental state. When I'm asleep, I'm not conscious. When I'm in a coma, I'm not conscious. When psychotic, I'm not in reality. None of these states seem to me like the make the idea of going to heaven a nicer way of looking at death. When a spear goes through my frontal cortex, I lose higher brain function and I lose social skills and the ability to concentrate and use good judgement. Would I go to heaven with such an state of mind?


Joy is a reward pathway in the brain. We become like junkies on a permanent high in heaven?

Perfect state of mind in the grace of god. A state of mind is a mood or outlook. How can there be a perfect one? What are you thinking? What is the grace of god? Surely it would be on Earth?

Update 2:

What is the soul? My mind generates thoughts and my mind provides attention selectively. This is a mental process. Without my mind and memories, I pretty much have something like alzheimers. Those people can be made happy. Holy ****, you are indicating that heaven is this place where you have no mind but simply a 'soul' which is a form of consciousness - because without that I don't feel I exist (heaven seems pointless if I'm in a sleeping mental state) - an ability to choose one thing over another. Without a mind, I'm just this blind thing with my reward pathways always on and no thoughts.

Update 3:

What about a brain transplant? A body dies but the brain is transplanted to a new body or at least some of it. Where is the soul? Did it go with it. I'm gonna ask that tomorrow when my question limit is reset.

Update 4:

So heaven makes religious people happier because they see it from the perspective of a supreme being recreating them in a new environment. I will die and then brought back to life in a new environment. So death would be no different from going to sleep but if aware you are dying, you would have the expectation that you will arise again.

Religion seems to me as simply a way of interpreting reality to make you feel happier about yourself. I can see other benefits to religion, but I could never believe in religion. If I hadn't heard of religion and met someone preaching religious, I would think you to be psychotic. Had I met 100 of you, then I would be concerned to drink the same water.

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    Zombies have no emotion dude. "Brains.............need brains"

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    Christians teach that you'll get a new body when Jesus returns, although they don't answer the question of how your mind jumps from being a series of perpetual synapses in the brain to nonexistent to a series of synapses in a new brain. The most illogical thing I've heard is that there is no time in heaven, which would mean that there is nothing in heaven, as things need time to exist in. One way or the other, these people fail to mention that the Bible does not say people go to heaven for eternity when they die a confessed believer, it says that they sleep until Jesus returns, then they are taken up into the air to meet him along with the living believers. Then God destroys Heaven and Earth, and creates a new Heaven and a new Earth, and on this new Earth the new Jerusalem, a building with 12 stories and 12 gates that is 1400 miles by 1400 miles by 1400 miles, will descend from the heavens to Earth (if the new Earth is the size of this one, the new Jerusalem would protrude into outer-space). That is where the Bible says believers will spend eternity. Read the Book of Revelations to get the details.

    Source(s): The Bible, 21 years as a Born-Again Christian, 3.5 years as a pastor, and 3 years as an Atheist.
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    Extreme Boredom.

    Also, mental states only arise when you have the mental capacity for your mind to be in different states. You can't have mental capacity without a brain. When you're in a coma, you're in a catatonic state. Unable to comprehend the world around, move speak, sometimes even breathe on your own, sometimes you can't even understand what people are saying. If your brain is crushed, you go beyond any mental state, beyond and catatonic sleep. It's nothing.

    "I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it." - Mark Twain

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    I do believe it excist I don't doubt that because I just feel there is somewere else we will go besides earth because I believe in jesus and god ...john 7:33-34 Jesus said i am with you for only a short time and than I go to the one who sent me. You will look for me, but you will not find me and where I am cannot come." ... later on it says some more but the bible talks about heaven not a lot but in between the line it does and yea I think is far away but you can still look down to earth (: I haven't read that far yet. And if you want answer to this read the bible and you will find it..... Bible= facts/truth Sciense and other research= opinion/possibility/bad guesses.....the love for jesus christ and god is not about religion

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    Mental state cannot exist with a dead brain. Surprise! That happens at death. Way to fail, Xians.

    Source(s): Your friendly neighborhood athiest
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    Yes. Like everyone else, you'd go to heaven. God loves you :)

    And the mental state? Who knows... One that has no sin - that seems terrible to us, but sinning will seem like such a foreign thing when we get there.

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    For a mind you need a brain.

  • You are splitting hairs! The Holy Bible says: "You must be Born Again, in John 3:1-17 tell it. In John 14:6; Jesus Christ is telling the doubting Thomas: I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life,; no one comes to The Father, but through ME!

    When GOD says it is time for you to come HOME; it really doesn't matter what state of mind you are in. You could be doing wonderfully and fall dead. Many athletes are doing so. Do you honestly think that is by accident? Everyone wants to put the Omnipotent / Omnipresent GOD Almighty into a box; of they think HE should be, perform or jumpt through hoops for them. Not so. GOD is Soverign. HE does what HE wants to do; for the better of those who are HIS Children.

    We are to worship and praise GOD and have a personal relationship with HIS Son, Jesus Christ. GOD will ask you: "What did you do with MY Son"? You will say?......? We shall be like HIM. Simply.

    The only thing you may be worried about is the "fear" of death; "how will it happen"......etc. Everybody is a bit fearful; that is being human and quite normal. However, when we are IN Christ Jesus; HE is true love, Covenant love; a love source we cannot tap into; cannot comprehend...."perfect love casts out all fear". HE gives to us, freely and along with that love comes Mercy and Grace. HE didn't give us a spirit of fear; but of Love, Power and a Sound Mind." Whose report, will you believe? Your family's? Your buddies? Neighbors? Store Mgrs? Professors? Nobody knows; but, I can only tell you what I know to be true and what The Holy Bible says. So far, GOD has never lied to time.

    Fear is a spirit. A defeated foe. It has been given to us 365 times in The Holy Bible. Why do you suppose GOD did that? So, we would have a verse: Fear NOT, every single day we are alive. GOD wants HIS Children, to walk in boldness. Fearless. Fierce. Not in destruction nor violence. Unless you have been called to War. Another animal in HIS Kingdom.

    Fear is: "not knowing what to expect" next. Tomorrow. Next year.

    And that's it. That spirit of fear can drive people to jump off buildings.

    Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, heart attacks, strokes.

    Tell that spirit of fear; to SHUT UP! In JESUS NAME!

    It has got to leave you alone. BUT, that spirit of fear will come back again. To try and 'scare you', to take your focus off of Jesus Christ's returning to capture HIS Children. STAY Focused on Jesus Christ. Get yourself into a Spirit filled church (choose one) now GO~!...Get connected with GOD's Children. Become Born Again. Simply ask Jesus to come into your heart, life and SAVE you; live for HIM. HE will, IF you will. That simple! So simple, small children age 3 can do that. Can you?

    So, what mental state do you want to be in? As long as you are Saved, it doesn't matter.

    You would then go to Heaven, with a new body, dressed in purest white, that your eyes could not contain the brillance and you would be able to live there for all eternity. And it would begin NOW! Soon as you ask Jesus into your life. WOW! Does that blow your mind?

    It did me too.


    Source(s): The Holy Bible and over 40 years walking with Jesus Christ + Missionary fields in Nigeria, Holland with YWAM / DTS and Mexico, Doctors Without Borders.
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    No, you won't take on the emotion you had when you died, if that's what ur asking. Heaven will be like Earth, but a zillion times better....pure happiness, no evil, or hate, or hurt, or pain. Just pure joy, love, and beauty. :)

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    In heaven there will be no tears, no death, no pain, and no shame . We will all have one of the kind new body. There will be life after death. For Jesus Christ proved it by resurrected from the dead.

    Source(s): You folks can give me a thumb down but what the hell would that do?
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    you are in a perfect state of mind where you live in the grace of God

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