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Do you feel sorry of Shawn Michaels jobbing to Hulk Hogan in 2005 because Hogan's refusal to lose?

BQ : Do you think that was a good match? (I hear HBK overselling moves in this match)

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    I felt sorry for Shawn. I felt even more sorry for Orton the next Summerslam because Hogan was worse in his match against Orton than his match against Shawn. Hogan is an *** and he doesn't recognize pure talent when he sees it. I'm glad HBK oversold the match because it gives the people a chance to see who really is the better wrestler.

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    I don't feel sorry for HBK because he got Hogan back in that match he over sold every move till the point when hogan hit him and HBK backflipped out of the ring and jumped up and down it was funny

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    Someone of HBK's caliber should not have to job to the likes of Hulk Hogan, obviously excelled in popularity over all other wrestling stars (due to luck and being at the right place at the right time in the 80s as I doubt his gimmick would go over in this day in age), has absolutely no talent in the ring which is general consensus. HBK is by far more talented in the ring than Hulk Hogan and far more entertaining in my opinion so yes, I feel absolutely sorry for HBK having to job to Hogan

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    HBK has been through it before (Montreal Screwjob) it's that Michaels lost in this one...but Hogan had the same intentions as Hart.

    btw...the match was ok...6/10 for me

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  • Denz
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    1 decade ago

    I think the match was not very good around 2.5/5

    In my opinion Shawn Michaels is a better wrestler then

    Hulk Hogan.

  • smolen
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    HBK became super in that tournament. His overselling thoroughly canceled out Hogan's underselling and it became out to be a distinctly good tournament. i do no longer understand what became extra ridiculous, HBK's overselling or the dimensions of the yankee Flag in Hogan's front.

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    well if you remember andre the giant jobbed to hogan at wrestlemania 3. i think hogan was done with wrestling after that and he knew it and he should have layed down to hbk.its only right thing to do in this business

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  • Anonymous
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    No I dont. Whose truly the bigger name? Hogan or HBK? I think we ALL know who it is, so the right man went over in that match.

    BQ: HBK ruined it with his overselling, so keeping that in mind, it wasnt a good match. Shawn was pretty unprofessional.

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