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auto refinance while late?

can I refinance my auto loan if I'm currently 1 mo past due? I know ppl are going to respond harshly about "who would take on your loan if you're already late??"

Ok, I've been timely on my bills since the start, but was recently laid off with a wife & children to support, food was more important & a roof over their heads, I've sought new employment, however it's almost 1200 less a mo than what I was making.

In desperate need to refi & lower my car payment. If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it!


Thanks for your answer Adalyn, however, we have a very nice SUV, want to keep the vehicle,'s my wife's Cadillac, I was just seeing if it's possible to refi with a lower payment so we're not so strapped ea mo.


Update 2:

the vehicle is worth 44k, owe 19k, but we are currently a mo late & my wife is freaking out.

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    Go to Wells Fargo Auto Finance. They helped me when I was in your situation.... Good luck!!

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    Being late won't help one iota, but I also am betting you are upside down on your loan...that's a definite disqualifier, too!

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