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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetProgramming & Design · 1 decade ago

newgrounds flash portal?

i cant get to the newgrounds flash portal to make a game but i cant find it

i need help please

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  • Cathy
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    1 decade ago
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    The Flash portal is utilized by Newgrounds members to submit Flashes. Registered users can submit new Flash games or animations and can vote between 0 and 5 on existing submissions.They can leave textual reviews as well, to which the submitter can reply. If the submission has been uploaded recently, the user can choose to Blam the submission (a vote from 0 - 1) or Protect the submission (a vote from 2 - 5). Submissions will be deleted if they fall below the following scores after each amount of votes:[2]

    * 100 votes: 1.0

    * 150 votes: 1.25

    * 200 votes: 1.6

    Uploaded files must conform to certain requirements: - The file must have the extension: .swf - The file may not exceed the given capacity of 10 MB (Megabytes) except by prior agreement with the Administrators - a size that used to be far smaller but has been increasing in line with increasing bandwidth and tolerance for download times. - Basic quality guidelines are in place - disallowing 'pictures in a slide show format with no interactivity', 'movies or games made from public .FLA files', 'photographs that are illegal' and so on. If these are not met, the submission will be 'whistled' by users.

    Authors self-rate submissions for each of these categories: Nudity, Violence, Audio, Text and Adult themes (None, Mild, Excessive and sometimes Explicit depending if it is text or not). Ratings Are:

    * All = This Flash is suitable for viewers of all ages.

    * Teens = This Flash is suitable for viewers the age of 13 or above.

    * Mature = This Flash is suitable for viewers the age of 17 or above.

    * Adult = This Flash is suitable for adults only (viewers the age of 18 or above).

    The ratings are only intended as a guide; there is no system in place to prevent people from viewing submissions of any specific rating. The system enables the submitter to record a credit for all the audio used in the submission and links directly to any audio taken from the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

    Finally, when the submission is uploaded it receives its own page on Newgrounds and undergoes 'judgment' (see below).

    To aid the production of Flash to be submitted, Newgrounds has a variety of preloaders that can be downloaded and integrated into their Flashes.


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