i want to make money at home. iam 18 and would like to know what do i have to do to work at home on my compute?

i want to make money at home. iam 18 and would like to know what do i have to do to work at home on my computer and make good money

thanks for yalls help!

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    The internet has been a big catalyst for change and development on the world economy. Transactions are being made world wide without even moving from one place to another. Because of the internet, you could start working and earning in the comfort of your own home.

    If you want to make money at home by selling products, here are three online business models you can choose from:

    1) Affiliate Marketing

    This model does not require you to have your own products to sell. You join a program and become part of their sales force. What you do is attract potential customers and entice them to purchase a product that is sold through the program that you are a part of. Each time a referral of yours makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

    2) PLR and Master Resell Rights

    Making money out of PLR and Master Resell Rights products requires some capital. Through this model, you have to buy rights over a product and then try to sell it on your own. This basically allows you a certain type of ownership over a product that you did not create. You can then earn unlimited profits from repeated sales of that single product.

    3) Products of Your Own

    This model requires you to trade products you make or own. Although this may require much more capital than the two models listed above, all the profits you collect through this method will be yours. You can choose between digital and physical products. Although you may generate huge profits with physical products, dealing with them is quite tedious especially since it will involve shipping and inventory. Dealing digital products can be much cheaper and transactions will be faster. It also requires minimal outlay.

    These are the three online business models that will allow you to make money by selling products out of your own home. Choose one and you can be on your way to huge online business profits.

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    You can participate in the Abundant Living System and generate cash on the side.

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    dude, dont fall for scams, there are thousands of ways online to make money without any damn investment, so if anyone asks you even a penny to teach you how to make money online, beleive he is fraud.

    i would recommend you to see link in my source to know the various "FREE" ways to make money online.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can sell things that you make on Etsy.com

    Tell 'em BrandysHenNChicks sent you :)

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